Monday, 10 December 2018

Annual dinner and prize giving 081218

 The Devon section knows the riding season is over for the year when the annual dinner takes place, and this happened on Saturday the 8th December. For the first time, the Jubilee Inn was the venue which is situated on the the old A361 between Bampton and South Molton. The venue was tastefully decorated and everyone seemed to be in good spirits, in fact we found it to be a very enjoyable dinner with the usual good banter around the table. The toy enclosed in my cracker gave much amusement when it was placed into someones hand, dependent on how it reacted and which way it curled, determined whether that person was anything from  passionate to dead!.  Sandy had produced an excellent quiz even though this year Marilyn and I didn't win it, in fact the honours this year went to Chris and Val, ( hope you two haven't finished all those sweets yet ).
Dermot covered this years runs in his speech in detail with just a few of the more 'interesting' points including some of his own!. Dermot also covered the fact that our monthly evening meetings have seen very low attendance, in fact, embarrassingly, only a small number of people attended the talk by Ivan and Sue Godfrey on their trip down the Rhine on 2 wheels despite publicity in this blog and the VMCC mag.
Prizes were given to Mike for most attendance on a pre war machine, to John T for most points on a post war machine and Chris for post war foreign.
All in all a very enjoyable dinner, thanks were given to Chris for his arranging and to Sandy for the quiz, don't forget January 6th for fish and chips at The Welcome fryer, and so from Dermot and the committee , have a great Christmas and fettle the machinery for next years riding.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Guy Fawkes run 041118

I must confess that the weather forecast in the last few days leading up to this our last run of 2018, did make it look as if the run would be a total washout. In fact, as I set off from Tiverton, there was a persistant drizzle, a foggy mist, wet roads covered in leaves and water running off pretty well every raised field and lane making me question my judgement, ( or sanity ). In fact on arrival at Okehampton station, it was only Dermot, Ian and myself who had filthy bikes as our comrades from the North had run down to the start in the dry.
In the end, it was 12 riders who signed on for the run, amongst those brave enough, was a rider on a honda 90 (86cc ) who managed to keep up well with us so that we all questioned his actual cc.
After a very welcomed cuppa, and a sign on with Mike, it was time for the briefing, here Dermot stepped forward and admitted that for a few reasons he had let Ian take over the organising and leading for today and thanked him for doing so. Ian then warned us about the risk of wet leaves and gave a run down on the route ahead, so with Chris and myself taking the rear marshal slots, we were off on time at 1100.
Our route was out of Okehampton via the little road past the castle giving us all a close view, then on to Sourton taking the road towards Tavistock. After a while, we were lead off to Lydford Gorge and through Lifton, where we turned off to pass the entrance to the fairground museum and over the A30 to pass Roadford reservoir. After some 38 miles, we came to the lunch stop at Brandis Corner where we partook of a very nice carvery. Throughout the morning run there had been no sign of rain but we knew this was on the way so in true Guy Fawkes run tradition, the official run ended there but Ian lead the remainers back to Hatherleigh for some of the North Devon guys to peel off then on to the Okehampton to Bow road where we from Tiverton carried on towards Crediton, by now the rain was steadily falling and the mist we had encountered in the morning came upon us on the last leg over the hills to Tivvy.
After a poor forecast, it turned out to be a very enjoyable run with no misshaps over a great route for which we must thank Ian, thanks also to Mike for his usual stalwart signing on duties, to Chris who on top of everything else he does, took position as rear marshal with me for the day, and to Mike for some of the photo's.
lunch time!.

well we were early!.

train expected
Now, can I urge you to sign up for our annual dinner with Chris if you have not already done so, he must have your names and money by the 11th of this month, also can I urge you please to attend the Town Arms for club night on the 15th November where we shall have a talk by the Godfreys on their trip on two wheels along the Rhine, bring family members, neighbours, people who owe you a favour or money,
The bikes arrive

at Okehampton station

a cuppa to start

a few seconds later!

getting ready for the off

Ian checks in with the pub
and anyone else as it will be very embarrassing if we have a small turn out.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Club night 181018

There was a great evening at the Town Arms on Thursday when Keith ran one of his observation nights, I did say to him on the way up that I had a good idea now what he will be looking for and he would have some difficulty this time catching me out but I was stumped when he asked how many holes there were in the front wheel spokes of a Honda!!. Nevertheless, it was Ray and I who picked up the prize of a box of celebration sweets which we passed around so no one could say they didn't get something, a good night again thanks Keith.
Next Months club night will be a talk by Sue and Ivan Godfrey on cycling along the Rhine, I hope we can rely on a good turn out as it's embarrassing to have outsiders come to give us a talk if there are just a few members present so please come and bring your family members as it will be interesting to all.
Next run is our last for this year, it will be the Guy Fawkes run on the 4th November starting from Okehampton station, please come along.
If you haven't yet booked for the club dinner then do ring Chris to put your name down, the committee are subsidising this event this year by £3 dropping the cost to just £17 per person, the dinner will be at the Jubilee Inn on the B3227 this year.
You will no doubt be pleased to learn that the committee have been able to fill all the run dates for next year, thanks to all who volunteered to take runs whether committee members or not.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

November club night

Due to a misunderstanding, our speakers for September 20th did not arrive but they are now scheduled to come to us on the 15th November, they will give us a talk on 'the Rhine on two wheels', unfortunately their two wheels are pedal and not motor powered but if their talk is anything like the one they gave us in Tiverton a few years ago then it will be worth listening too.
This club night would be an occasion when family members could come as well as they would I'm sure find it interesting, we could do with a good turn out so please do come along.

Monday, 17 September 2018

This years Christmas Lunch will be held at the Jubilee Inn, nr South Molton on Saturday December the 8th. 12 for 12.30pm.
The committee have agreed to subsidize the meal by £3 per head so that the cost for the 2 courses plus tea or coffee will be £17. Space is limited, so only the first 30 bookings will be taken.
The Jubilee Inn require your selections from the menu plus numbers attending by Nov the 15th.
To book your place please send me your food choice from the above menu, together with remittance.
My address is
C J Wood
10, Clevelands Park,
EX39 3QH

Sunday, 9 September 2018

End of summer run 090918

15 riders made their way to Kirsty's Kitchen for todays end of summer run organised and led by Chris. On arrival at the cafĂ© we were met by good old Mike who once again signed us on and turned us upside down to shake the 2 pounds signing on fee, as it was it was worth every penny as Chris had laid on a cracking route and good weather. I was riding a new bike in my stable, a Honda 400T which I had to use today as my TR6 is still ditching oil.

Darol's ego edged up a couple of notches when a younger lady told him he was 'cool' and wanted to know if he was single!, when the run started, I was concerned whether he would follow us or stay in North Tawton!. In the event he joined us to follow Chris back to the main road and head off to Okehampton. Once through the town, we were led on the old main road through Lewdown and Launceston, ( Lanson as cousin Merv would say). As I followed the ride, I must confess to musing about some of the place names, now the village of Portgate was transited through and I couldn't help wondering how it got it's name?, after all it's miles from the sea so no port and no gate across the road, perhaps then it was that Port was sold here in great quantity during smugglers times and the village was the Gate through which the contraband flowed!. Then I'm sure we passed through a village called something like Sourscott!, I did not see a miserable Scot or a set of bagpipes as we went through!, ah well on with the route.

After Lanson, we headed for Kilkhampton  via Red Post which I was pleased to see back in full action once again, finally we pulled into our lunch stop The New Inn where we were well looked after with a varied menu some having just soup and others everything up to a roast.

As we got ready to set off for the run to Torrington, something happened which to me was straight forward but others couldn't understand, in fact Dermot says he is looking forward to my write up on the subject so here goes. When I came to sit on my steed, I noticed a pair of gloves on my saddle, I asked everyone around me but no one in the car park owned up to them so I surmised that one of the riders who had set off home must have forgotten them and I felt he would soon be doubling back for the gloves, so I told Ian that I was going to find who's they were and headed back toward Bude expecting any minute to see someone heading back to collect them, I would have stopped them, delivered the gloves and turned back, but by Bude there was no sign of a returning rider so I turned back and made my way to Torrington common arriving just after the run. As I was explaining my actions, Chris reached into my Hi Viz and pronounced they were his!, so mystery solved, it was a question of my knowing what I was doing and thinking that I had made the back markers understand that but perhaps not conveying fully to Ian and Dermot so they did as well!.

A great day out, well done to our Honda 90 rider who did not hold us up at all, to Chris and Mike and to Ian and Dermot for back marshal duties. Next run is October 14th for the Autumn run from Sainsburys Barnstaple.

The new boy ready to go

Kirsty's Kitchen for coffee

we fill up main square

and the New Inn car park

Dermot waves ( he's happy! )

Yes we were here honest!

That's not a second ice cream Roy is it!.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Fish n chips 010818

Another great evening at the welcome fryer in South Molton for this our last fish and chips of 2018, already!. Our numbers were a bit down as we have a few in the Caribbean ! on holiday, ( well perhaps they may wish that ). It means that they missed a partial strip by our esteemed Chairman at the very start of the evening ( ok it was involuntary ), however he would not repeat the performance for the camera, ( spoil sport ).
The conversation was the usual putting the world to rights with the other end of the tables concentrating on Brexit!, how they managed to eat fish and chips whilst on that subject I don't know.
OK now the next turn out for us will be at Atlantic village on the 12th of August where we will be lead by Roy to points yet to be discovered so come along folks.
Too late! floor show over

this is the non 'brexit' discussion group

this is the 'brexit' discussion group