Monday, 10 January 2022

A Sunday trip out?

 Andy tells me that he has been informed of a classic car and bike event this Sunday 16th January at the Hidden Valley twixt Braunton and Ilfracombe at 10am, if the weather is right, he will go so if you fancy a trip out give it a go folks.

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Fish and Chip meet

 Chris had received a few cancellations for attendance at this Sundays fish and chip meet, as a result we decided that he should Email everyone we have addresses for to find out how many would definately be attending, bearing in mind that the Welcome Fryer opens especially for us, we looked to bring upwards of 20 people such as we normally do. In the event, the replies led to only a firm attendance of less than 9 people, so sadly we have had to cancel the event. 

I am sorry that this our first event of the year has had to be cancelled, it seems that the current rise in covid cases due to the omicron variant must take a large part of the blame, Marilyn and I are isolating ourselves at the moment due to picking it up at a family Christmas up North, let's hope that the rest of 2022 follows a more reliable track.

Friday, 17 December 2021

Club night 161221


Great club night with more mince pies than came so those of us attending were FORCED to eat to many!. 
I supplied a quiz which seemed to be well received with a lot of 'of course' and 'oh yes' . So we come to the end of this years events, many thanks to all who helped to rescue this year in many ways, and to the Town Arms for letting us use the room, the photo shows the Bouquet of flowers being given to our hostess Sue, as I said before, have a great Christmas and see you in 2022 on the road.

Calendar of events 2022


Here is a copy of our calendar for 2022, I hope that all the events will go ahead as planned but do keep an eye as ever on the blog and Facebook page for up to date information. If the print is small for you, just click on the calendar and it will come up larger on your screen.

Your committee and I wish you all a very happy Christmas and new year.

Thursday, 4 November 2021

Frosty fingers run addition

 An additional photo has come to light for Andy's run.

Frosty fingers run 031121

 At the beginning of this year, it seemed unlikely that our section would have many runs to enjoy, what a pleasant surprise it is that I am reporting on the last of a full calendar of runs for 2021, and what better to report than Andy's Frosty finger run. It was decided that this should be a midweek run and Andy kindly agreed to organise it. A new venue to us was chosen which was the Quay cafe at Braunton, and 9 riders braved the cold to turn up. I must say that the weather was promised to be sort of ok though some of us had a damp start and mucky run. After a briefing from Andy which included warnings of short and narrow hump back bridges, and with Chris and I on marshal duties, the run set off on time turning right on to a lane which ran over a fen like area with swans, streams oh and yes, the hump backed bridges. Pretty soon we came out on to the Saunton road and on to Croyde, Woolacombe, Morthoe and Georgeham, a very nice ride along the coast which was probably better at that time of the week as I am sure it would have been much busier had we tried the run on a weekend. Doug's Ariel decided to have a rest above Woolacombe but was giving a talking to and restarted ok, other than that, I am pleased to report that there were no further episodes.

The run ended at Blackmoor gate where 6 of us partook of a good chatter and a meal, Andy had promised a prize for the rider who had travelled the furthest and that proved to be your truly so I accepted a bottle of 'bubbly' but unlike Lewis Hamilton, I declined the need to shake it up and spray it over my fellow riders!. 

As I don't have panniers, Chris offered to take it home to his place and bring it next club night, just a bit concerned that he may have been thirsty on the way home!.

Thanks to Andy for a lovely run and thanks to everyone who have organised and lead runs this year, if you would like to sort one for 2022, please let one of us know before the 16th as we are planning for next year.

Saturday, 23 October 2021

October club night

Members enjoyed an excellent evening at the Town Arms playing skittles, There was a little doubt as whether we would have the skittles alley for the evening but at the last minute, Chris was informed that all was clear. Two teams were formed under the captaincy of Myself and Chris and 5 games were played amongst much merriment and banter, I'm pleased to say that my team won but with a great deal of help from the evenings highest scorer Louise, well done that gal!.

Chris supplied some cake etc: to round off the evening, ( ta mate ), and the Town Arms did their best to limit Andy's drinking by being slow to serve him!. it was great to see Maurice so soon after his op who was successful in scoring all through despite stating that he could only count up to 10.

Now do try to make Andy's run on Wednesday 3rd November starting at the Quay cafe in Braunton a new venue for us, and on a second point, the committee are meeting in November to plan for next year so if you would like to organise a run or have suggestions please do let us know.