Friday, 20 July 2018

Evening meet extra

Gordon was so happy, that he wore his best hat which he usually only wears to weddings and when sleeping.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Evening run 160718

On a wonderful summer evening last Monday, 10 of us arrived at the Anchor Inn Exebridge for an evening by the Exe river. As usual, the world was put to rights over a very wide assortment of subjects and the world was found to be the better for it ( or would be if someone would listen ). The main game of the evening was ' who will be last to put on a coat'?.

Next run will be August 12th from the Atlantic village Bideford , this will give those up north a few more minutes of beauty sleep, before then though it will be a fish n chip meet at South Molton on August 1st at 7pm, come and join in for this very popular event.

Chris shows us he can still stand

where has all the water gone?

no other bikers for Dermot to 'talk to'

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Ron Ley run 080718

With temperatures of 30 degrees promised, I was pleasantly surprised to get even the 12 riders and 3 non riders turn up for the Ron Ley run of 2018. Maurice can always be seen at this run as it is in memory of his brother whose run this is, unfortunately his steed was off the road which meant he was one of todays non riders.
It falls to me to organise and lead this run and it had to be slightly rerouted, as the original run which I had worked out and Ray had kindly driven me round on the previous Monday, could not be adhered to due to the midday lunch break not being available.
Chris had warned me on the morning that the link road was particularly busy and advised steering clear if possible, in fact, the run did go for a short distance on the way out but as we joined at a roundabout this was not a problem.
Ian and Mike agreed to cover the back marker roles for the day, so after a briefing from me, the riders set off dead on 1100. I lead out of South Molton and on to the A361 for a short distance before turning off to the B3227 towards Bampton. After another short distance, I turned off again left to Molland, then it was up on to the lower moor to wend our way to Withypool, here we had to be patient whilst two horses made their way over the bridge before we could cross.
A turn off in Withypool led us on to the B3223 for a very short distance before a turn off to Exford and here we had a turn on to the Porlock and Cloutsham road. I must say the views on the top road before dropping down to Cloutsham were wonderful. The Cloutsham road is very steep in places and has a ford which Chris informs me caused his BMW to slide a bit off a slimey stone, excellent horsemanship resulted in him staying mounted. At Webbers post we turned back sharp right to climb to Dunkery where another wonderful view beheld us. Dropping down from Dunkery led us on to the B3224 and a mile later we pulled into the Rest and be Thankful car park at Wheddon Cross where we were once again really well looked after.
The afternoon run was on to the Taunton road B3224 before turning right on to the lovely spine road leading to Bury, here a left took us on to the A396 as far as the round house at Exebridge. A short run on the road through Exebridge led us to our next turn on to the road to Oldways End, here a turn right and left took us between the Botteraux and Yeo mills to meet the B3227 for a few miles then turning on to the Bishops Nympton road allowed me to lead the run over the A361 link road and on to Bish Mill to finish back at Quince in South Molton.
It is always very rewarding for an organiser if things seem to go well, the Markers do not leave their post, no on breaks down, no one falls off and everybody turns up at the end venue having had an enjoyable day motorcycle riding. Thanks to Ian and Mike at the back and to Quince and the Rest and be Thankful, now our next run is to the Anchor Inn in Exebridge next Monday evening, do come chaps as this is another of our enjoyable evening ride outs.

those dining in

those dining out

the bikes caught sunbathing

some bikes find shade

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Skittles evening 210618

This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the Town Arms, enough people turned up to make 2 strong teams which were lead by Sandy and Margaret. The success of the bouncing bomb theory was investigated and specsavers had a rush of enquiries the next day but this must not detract from the excellent social evening it turned out to be, there was even free burgers supplied and Richards wife sent wonderful cakes whilst Margaret brought lovely ginger biscuits she had made.
Richard was the top scorer for the night and Sandys team the highest scoring team, well done all.
Next run will be the Ron Ley run on the 8th July from the Quince honey farm South Molton.

Dermot attended the Town Arms on the 24th June in case anyone turned up for the cancelled girder fork run, he was joined by Cyril and Roy and they enjoyed coffee and biscuits for their troubles, I have attached a couple of photos he has sent me.
Steve eyes up the challenge

free burgers and cakes WOW!

girder coffee

not girder but pre 1960

Friday, 22 June 2018

news flash

Hi folks, just a quick note to say that due to lack of numbers and eligible machines, this Sundays girder fork run will not now take place, so our next run will be on July 8th from Quinces honey farm in South Molton.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Evening run 180618

Due to illness, misty weather and possibly the England match, only 6 riders arrived at the Jubilee Inn for this evening ride out, this was a great shame as the Jubilee had opened especially for us and had laid on a very good free buffet. It was however a very enjoyable evening and much discussion and banter over a large range of topics took place. Apologies were made to the landlady for the low numbers attending which she took in good faith.
The A361 link road had been closed when we left Tiverton and the traffic was diverted through to the Black Cat, ( the way we were going ! ), however, traffic was light and caused us no problems.
Our next evening meet will be at the Anchor Inn on the 16th July, I hope this event will attract more riders else we will have to consider if the work to organise these events is worth it.
Our next ride out is the girder fork run this Sunday 24th June from the Town Arms South Molton, this ride is also open to any pre 1960 motorbike.
Which bike will Keith take home

not so many tonight

Dermot at Hogwarts

good grub and pleasant company

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Dartmoor run 100618

15 riders turned up at D & S supplies Winkleigh for this years Dartmoor run organised and led by Ian. We rather swamped the small café at D & S but they coped very well and since the weather was good, we mostly found ourselves outside chatting in the sunshine. 2 riders from near Whiddon Down joined us, I think for the first time, we had a good chat, they came on a Triumph and a BSA.
John and Mike kindly agreed to be back markers for the day so Ian gave us a briefing which included a warning about 'moor care' and at 1100 we all set off.
The morning route was very enjoyable, many riders telling me that they had not been on some of the roads before. Once we got on to the moor, it was a very pleasant ride through Postbridge before turning into Princetown for lunch at the Old Police Station. I must say that the service here was quite fast considering the number of people they had to serve.
After lunch, Ray declared that he had ridden far enough ( I thought he had done very well actually ), so I elected to follow him back to Tiverton. A few other riders also had to leave at this point but the remainder, I am told, travelled on to Hexworthy, Venford reservoir and Holme before arriving for a finish at Whiddon Down.
Thanks to Ian for a great route and to John and Mike for back marker duties also to Mike, Liz and Ian for some of the photos and the afternoon brief,  a very enjoyable day.
Now don't forget the evening run next Monday 18th, it will be at the Jubilee Inn on the old A361, Keith has been in touch with them and they have agreed to put on nibbles etc and wish to take photos of our bikes so please come along.
The bikes arrive at D & S

A lovely Triumph Dermot!

Back at Whiddon

more of Whiddon

what we do best, chat!

waiting for the trip home

we are inside eating

getting ready for the afternoon ride

more at the lunch stop

the weather is still good

Monday, 4 June 2018

Evening meet June 18th

Keith has been in touch with the Jubilee Inn regarding our forthcoming visit there on the 18th June for our evening meet. They have expressed a very keen interest in our visit and have said they will lay on nibbles and possibly more, as a result, we are keen that there should be a good turnout on the night so please clear your diaries and come along for what I'm sure will be an enjoyable meet.
The evening will be light so no going home in the dark and in any event you do not have to stay late if you wish to leave early, so we hope to see you there, please pass this info to anyone else who may not have the internet or not be a regular reader ( though surely there are not many of these people! ).
Next meet will be this Sunday 10th June, meet at D & S supplies Winkleigh for the Dartmoor run.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Mervs memorial run 270518

well it was clean at the start

the bikes assemble at Quince

the Cornish contingent made good time

welcome cuppa at Horner

Roger safely guided the Cornish riders up from Camelford for Mervs memorial run on Sunday 27th May 2018, there he met riders from the Devon section and others who wished to join the run in his memory.
I was asked by the family and the Cornish section to work out a route around Exmoor to pass by areas that Merv enjoyed visiting, to that end, I was determined to pass through a ford, pass by deer viewing and scenic points he loved and cross a few bridges he found fascinating.
After a briefing, we set off through South Molton on to the A361 for a short distance before heading through Molland to get on to the moor. We travelled past the P. Froude memorial, ( deer viewing ), and on to Marsh bridge which has an interesting history. A sharp turn lead us up on to the moor again to pass the lane down to Tarr steps, then a right turn down to Exford. Here we began to notice some foggy mist which increased as we rode on until it was quite established by the time we turned off to Dunkery. The ride over Dunkery was something else!, I could only see a few feet in front of me which was a great shame as I had intended to stop on the top to take in the view. All riders safely made it to Horner for a cup of tea and chat before we set off again at 1400 to ride back through the ford at Cloutsham to Exford.
The weather cleared back to sunshine for the run through Withypool and over the lower moor back to South Molton. I checked everyone back to the North Gate Inn at Aller cross and all were accounted for so that was great, thanks to Roger and Chris for being back markers and to Peter Lee for informing us about the collection today in aid of Hospice care.
I feel we did a good run in memory of Merv, it was nice to see the girls taking part and Pam following in the car which made it all very memorable, unfortunately, Roger tells me that there were two incidents on the way back to Cornwall but all were safely recovered.
Our next run is June 10th for the Dartmoor run to start at D & S supplies at Winkleigh, then there is the evening meet on the 18th at the Jubilee Inn for 1900.
safe arrival at Aller cross

which way shall we go home?

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Scrumpy run 130518

the bikes arrive at Mullacot

we take up a lot of the Cook Island car park

part of the queue to sign on with Mike

we arrive at the Blue ball
 Judging by the number of people who came over to congratulate Chris and the marshals for the days run, it seems that the new Scrumpy run was mainly well received, there were a few people who would like the run to have remained as it always was, but with increasing rules and regulations around the licence from North Devon D C  plus the committee members never getting a chance to do the scrumpy run and the storage and transportation of the posts and barriers, the committee voted to make the run a normal Devon section VMCC run.
30 people signed on for the day and I think there were others who preferred not to join the main run that chose not to. A number of riders elected to 'do their own thing' as they wished to pause to take in the views and take some photographs, so the number of riders following Chris after his pre run brief was 15. Mike did his usual stalwart signing on role and also agreed to accompany myself as back marshal for the day.
There were a few hiccups on the run, in one episode, Chris came across a 6 wheel coach which had become completely jammed on a hard corner such that no on could get past so we reversed course and Chris led us to lunch a different way.
On arrival at the Blue Ball, Chris was met by the manager who reassured him that he understood that whilst Chris had made a reservation for 40 riders for lunch based on previous intelligence, on the day our visitors had admitted that they had booked a carvery for the evening so would not need lunch and so Chris had rung ahead to apologise and down grade the booking.
There was only one breakdown when a Norton twin, ridden by one of our visitors, lost its spark, I stayed directing traffic until his mate in the three wheeler came along, they later arrived at the Blue Ball having forced the Mag to behave.
The afternoon run found us heading back to South Molton across the moor with no further incident.
Well done and thanks to Chris for the route and leading, to Mike for agreeing to do back marshal with me and to Richard for remembering the cheque book!, also one other person you may not have seen, Keith was taking photos at the valley of rocks, I'm sure we will see these at some time in the future.
Club night is this Thursday and the next run will be June 10th for the Dartmoor run led by Ian.
Maurice strides out to find his bike

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Relay rally May 6th 2018

we arrive at Honiton checkpoint

Rodney and Carol arrive
 I have always believed that an editor has a certain amount of leeway when deciding what is written in order to keep any embarrassment reflecting on himself, however, I cannot really get away with this breakdown which befell me on the relay rally as I had 2 section members following me through the checkpoints and therefore 'saw it all'. My 650 Triumph overheated and stopped, Ray kindly went back to get his trailer and with Richards help, it was loaded and returned to Tiverton.
I understand that Dermot had 16 riders check in at Abbotsham but haven't yet raised Keith to find out how many came to Bickleigh. Whilst it was very hot for us in mid devon, Dermot tells me that it was very cool with a mist up north.
Don't forget the scrumpy run this Sunday starting at Mullacott cross this year.
Richard insists the blog must be written!

who needs the AA when Ray provides the trailer

Fish and Chips 210418

hungry smiles?

another good turnout meant a separate table for Steves' family
I was on holiday for this event but am grateful to Steve for the photo's and Ray the info.

It seems that the Welcome fryer did what they are good at yet again and looked after the 20 plus section members and family who turned up on the 21st of April for fish and chips. This is always a popular event and venue so the committee will certainly be putting it on again next year, in fact there will be another trip to the Welcome Fryer on August 1st so come along and see what it's all about.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Evening run to Sportsmans Arms Sandyway 160418

Roy was first to arrive

Dermot stands back in amazement at my Triumph

toasting by the fire

a warm up after the ride out and before the ride back

9 of us warmed ourselves by the fire at the Sportsmans Arms last evening after a cool ride out from as far as Westward Hoe and Tiverton, as usual, the world was put to rights with some emphasis on Ariel motorcycles which had let Doug down on the ride across on the night. It was discovered that a glass of wine on special offer cost more than a pint of beer so obviously there were no wine drinkers among us!.

This is just the first of a few of our planned evening ride outs and I would urge you to come to the next ones as they are on evenings that should be both warmer and lighter.

There is a fish and chip meet at our usual South Molton venue The Welcome Fryer do come and support the section there, I shall be in Llandudno on the day so will rely on Steve and others to get me some photos and information on numbers etc:.

Club night next Thursday will be a talk by an ex motorcycle police officer so please come as it would be embarrassing for him to find himself talking to just a few people.

Next run is the relay rally 6th May, see you somewhere on route I hope chaps.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

April fools run 8th April 2018

full up and resting

Good to see Ray back in the runs

Despite the bad weather forecast earlier in the week and the grey, misty, drizzly, and foggy start to the day, 17 riders turned out for this years April fools run starting at the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon cross. This run should have been Keith's to organise and lead but due to him still recovering from surgery, ( get well soon mate ), a volunteer was called for, to take the run over at short notice, before I could stop him, Ray put up his hand thereby giving the job to us!, ( must sit closer to him next time so that I can kick him in the leg before he sticks his hand up! ).

A welcome was given to riders from Somerset, one from Wells, and after my pep talk at the beginning where I outlined the problems with the conditions Ray found with last years route and the need for me to quickly come up with a run on more major a road network, the run set off on time with Chris and Mike agreeing to be back marshals for the day. The road towards Taunton was taken for just a few miles before I turned off towards Dulverton on the lovely road that goes over the spine of the hills before dropping down towards Bury. No chance today of going through the Bury ford as it would surely be too swollen, so that was given a miss and we went on to Bampton. Once through Bampton, a turn was made on minor roads to Huntsham and eventually the Redwoods Inn in Uplowman.

We had been asked to arrive at or before 12 as the pub was expecting 60 people from the Rolls Royce club which we managed to do with some margin. The question as to whether there would be an afternoon run was answered unanimously when a dozen or so riders elected to continue so I led them out of Uplowman and turned off the road to Hockworthy, ( no Dermot not where you expected to hock some Rolls Royces' ). After that pass we went on to Bampton to pick up the old A361 towards South Molton. This road allowed us to open the bikes up a bit to give them a little free rein before arriving at the honey farm and the end of the run.
Thanks to Chris and Mike for back marshal duties and well done to Ray who stayed the whole course today so soon after his medical emergency just a few months ago.
Now can I remind you of the evening run on the 16th to the Sportsmans arms and fish and chips on the 21st, see you there folks.

no Maurice that isn't yours

we beat the RR club to the pub

The Redwoods Inn fits us in on a busy day