Friday, 16 August 2013

Social run Aug 11th 2013

I couldn't attend this event for family reasons but Ray has kindly given me a report and Chris has promised to provide some photo's. About 20 riders turned up for the event at the Black Cat where refreshments were once again very kindly provided by Fred and Ruth before the start. Most unusually for a Triumph!, Keith's refused to start and after much trying, Ray agreed to lead the  run, Cyril agreed to remain behind to see if the bike could be persuaded to burst into life, this apparently did not happen so Cyril had to return with a trailer for a lift home. All went well with the run until on passing the Blue Ball, the next turning showed a blocked road, Ray carried on hoping to make a left and return on route but all roads heading in the direction proved to also be blocked, when the run was obviously going to end in a farm yard, the decision was made to reverse the route to Wellington and take the road to the Monument and get back on course, this worked fine and all riders turned up at the Barley Mow farm shop for an excellent lunch. The run left at 1350 but there was a slip up when some riders set off in the wrong direction, so a wait was put in place at worlds end for a catch up and fuel, no-one seems to have been bothered as it was a fine day and there were no additional hiccups partly because the markers stayed at their posts so well done folks. The run finished back at the Blackberries at about 1600. Keith tells me that he has not yet had time to sort out the Triumph but I will keep you posted, thanks to Ray for stepping in to lead and to Chris and Ian for bringing up the rear. There has been no take up to my request for leading the September run so I will endeavour to work one out, meet up at the Bickleigh mill near Tiverton on 8th September, see you there