Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Evening meet 21st July 2014

The Tivvy gang arrives

T'other side of the car park
 12 members arrived at the Anchor in Exebridge for our second of three evening meets this year. It was a glorious evening which meant that we were able to take over three tables on the pubs back terrace overlooking the garden and put the world right with highly constructive and enlightening conversation. The mix of bike was very varied, from a BMW K100 strapped to a chair, which made a nice outfit, to Mikes Honda 200 which looked brand new, course I must mention the good old stalwarts with Ray's Matchless, Cyril's twin and Dermot's single in evidence, also Raymond's Honda 250 trail bike providing something different, nice to see you all there chaps, to me this is what it's all about. Last Thursday evening was a highway code quiz set by Ray using my copy of the highway code, unfortunately this did not buy me any favours and so the winner on the night was Cyril - well done to him - a big thank you to Ray for setting the quiz up though when I get my book back I will be looking just where he got some of the questions from!. The next evening meet is 18th August at the Mitre in Witheridge folks, make it a date. I have enclosed a photo which Matt sent me taken on his recent French trip, perhaps we can persuade him to give us a few minutes one club evening telling us some of the highlights
a short walk to the terrace

a pic from Matt's recent French trip