Thursday, 8 October 2015

Outside the house

The escort is ready

Doreen was pleased with the hearse

We parked on the road

Doreen rides with Cyril the last few yards
Today was the day of the last ride for one of our own. 15 to 20 riders formed up at Cyrils to escort him on his final journey. The weather was perfect and there were no breakdowns or problems on the way, a further 12 riders joined us at the RD&E on the way making a total of some 30 bikes arriving at the crematorium. Keith spoke of his friendship during many years of scouting and motorcycling after Cyrils Grandaughter had spoken of her affection for him. After the service, we were all invited to meet at the Redwoods Inn Uplowman and this a number of us did to support the family, Steve offered to lead us through the Exeter traffic which was a change for him as he is usually bringing up the rear. Thanks to all who came, it meant a lot to Cyrils family.