Thursday, 23 June 2016

Evening run 20th June 2016

I wonder if the people who stayed home to watch the England v Slovakia match thought it was worth missing out on another great evening run to the Exeter Inn in Chittlehamholt where we were well received and even given bowls of free chips at our tables. 10 riders and 2 family members enjoyed the evening where the usual very serious and meaningful conversations took place!. Someone left a yellow sam browne belt at the Inn, which the landlord passed to Roy, so if you were that person please see him for it's return. There is a girder fork run this Sunday starting from the Town Arms in South Molton so if you have such a vehicle and Ray has not yet grabbed you to come, please do so, it's the usual 1030 for an 1100 start. I must mention Keiths excellent photo spotting night at the last club night, it was a very good evening for the members that attended, it really checks your powers of observation, thank you Keith.
where are the riders

Ah, they are inside scoffing chips!

Ah well we have to wait then