Monday, 25 March 2019

Spring run 100319

Unfortunately, due to the weather, this run for me was a washout, I had driven the route with Ray as it was his run and had produced the run sheets etc the Monday before the 10th. I was advised that due to sickness and other commitments, a number of regular riders would not be available and the weather forecast for the day was not at all encouraging as it would be raining and very windy.
I set off from Tivvy at 0950 and elected to ride to South Molton via Rackenford, however, after only a few miles I was abruptly brought to a halt by a large fallen tree which was right across the road so nothing could pass, at this point I noticed a motorcycle in the hedge ahead and a rucksack in the road. I had a quick look around but saw no one around so after a while I turned around and headed back through Tiverton and out on the Bampton road to try to get through that way. The road was so littered with branches and debris that I pulled over and tried to ring Ray, ( who had gone by car ), to see if anyone had made it to South Molton but there was no reply so I set off again. a few miles further on, a huge branch appeared from nowhere in front of me and almost had me off so I tried ringing again, but once again no reply. I assumed that there was a good chance that no one would be at the start so again headed back to Tiverton wondering if the link road might be worth trying, however it was 1045 when I came back through Bolham so realising |I would be very late I went on home with a very dirty bike.
As it was, Ray ( with Margaret driving ), was able to lead 5 riders to Uplowman for lunch at the Redwoods Inn where, after lunch, the run ended. I hope we shall have better weather for the April fools run on April 14th.