Monday, 15 April 2019

April fool run 140419

11 riders arrived at the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon cross for this years April fools run on a cold but dry morning. This run was organised and led by Keith who advised that the morning run would be on mainly A class roads but this afternoon would be more challenging. After a very welcome hot cuppa, we were led off with myself and Ian at the rear. A sharp turn off the Minehead road led us up on the way to Taunton where we progressed for some way, dodging cyclists, before we were led through some lovely valleys on to the main A39 to turn off through Watchet and Blue Anchor, here it was a shame to the Blue Anchor Inn all boarded up due to cliff erosion as many a run years ago, lunch was taken there. The run then passed through Carhampton and Dunster to arrive back at the Rest and be Thankful for a great carvery lunch.
Ian decided that his Norton racer was not really suited to the afternoon lanes so he made his way home. Dermot realised that he had picked up a puncture so with Cyril setting off to prepare for him to repair Dermot's puncture on arrival, he also set off so then there were 8. The afternoon run was indeed challenging, once through Horner we climbed up on to the top via many precarious dips and climbs but when only a few miles from Exford, Andy realised the noise coming from his Harley couldn't be ignored any longer so he elected to make his way home, then there were 7.
The run finally arrived back at the R and nd be T, for dispersal, many thanks to Keith for an excellent run and to Ian for agreeing to do back marker duties with me. Now don't forget club night this Thursday and fish and chips this Saturday which is still on despite it being Easter Saturday, next run is April 22nd for an evening meet at the Black Cock Molland for 7pm.
Sorry my photos will not upload at the moment, will try later as I know you will want to see a picture of a flat tyre!.
no they aren't all in the loo!.

lunch time chat.

who's going home now?.

safely back to the RABT.

we are always made welcome here.