Thursday, 21 April 2022

Evening run 200422


The Castle Inn at Landkey proved to be a great choice for an evening meet for a natter, the weather was excellent and sitting in the beer garden was an added bonus. People rode all sorts of distances to get there, some only riding a few yards whilst it was nearly 30 miles for myself. We began to arrive around 1815 and people stayed as long as they were able bearing in mind that some of these elderly bikes don't have very good lights. There would have been more than the 10 present had Andy's Triumph not required fettling first and then his mate on a Harley lost drive due to a broken drive belt, ( Andy tells me he had been rude about Triumphs before this happened )!.

Now Chris tells me that he has been in touch with the Welcome Fryer re our fish and chip night on the 30th of this month, it seems they only do take away on a Saturday but would open the restaurant for us if there were enough numbers, so please contact Chris or myself if you definitely would attend and in what numbers..

Our next run is May 8th starting from Mullacott cross at the usual time, this is our famous Scrumpy run ( sorry no scrumpy is involved! ), see you there.