Tuesday, 21 June 2022

vening meet Chittlehampton 200622


13 people rode to the Bell Inn at Chittlehampton Monday evening in excellent weather, to have a meet up and chinwag. We who arrived early, were treated to the view of a horse pulling a cart with a number of people on board. Ian, our newest member, was there enjoying the sunshine, welcome to the section mate. Tony arrived on a very nice BSA Thunderbolt and announced that he has also purchased an MV, WOW!.

These evening meets allow people with smaller engined machines to ride to the meet without any concern of having to ‘keep up’, also a chance to test your bike after some work prior to joining an organised run.

Last Thursdays club night saw the running of a film which covered the 

Latter years of the BSA, Triumph and Norton empire, we have all seen 

Evidence of this period but this particular film was very interesting to say the least.

Now our next run is 10th July from Jonesy’s cafe at Winkleigh which will be lead by Ian who always gives us an interesting ride, hope to see you there folks.