Sunday 16 April 2023

Easter run 16/04/23


Lunch at Withypool
It was Ian’s job to set the standard for this our first run of the year, 15 riders turned up at the Riverside caravan park South Molton for a coffee and chat before the run, how did he do?, read on!. After a briefing, we set off with Ian obviously in the lead and t’other Ian and yours truly covering the back. We turned right out of the site and made for North Molton, from there we had a good mornings ride around the lower edges of the moor stopping for lunch at Withypool where we found the cafe open and doing a grand trade.

Whilst at the cafe, more bikes turned up from the Exeter club and we 

found they were leaving Withypool on the same road as our route so being gentlemen!, we let them go off first before following. Ian led us to Lanacre bridge where a stop for photos happened. A tricky few turns and lanes were followed, which was clearly Ian’s check that we were wide awake for the 2023 season. The  run finished when we came to the main road so that the northerners and those of us from the south could begin our treks home. So how did he do?, great run, good start for the Devons section 2023 calendar, thanks Ian and well done everyone for the good discipline on the drop offs, now don’t forget club night this Thursday where I hope we can start 2023 with better attendance to, then we have an evening ride to the Red Lion in Chulmleigh on the 25th April, and the next run which is May 14th from Quince honey farm, see you there folks.