Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Club night Oct. 20th

Guest speaker this night was a well known face to us all, usually with a camera pointing at us to record our embarrassing and awkward or humourous moments, yes it was Merv Pearce.
Mervyn was there at the pub even before I arrived with Ray to give him a hand to set up. There was a slight hiccup as the pub was double booked so our room upstairs was not available, however we all ( near 30 of us ), managed. Merv split everyone up into 5 teams and circulated 5 boards, 3 had photos and 2 objects to be identified, all this took some 40 minutes and lead to a lot of head scratching. Some of the photos brought back good memories. When the boards had been marked and prizes awarded, Merv showed us a 30 minute film he took of our Autumn run, as usual with his filming, there were some action shots. This was a cracking evening, thanks must go to Merv for the hard work putting it all together, he of course then had a long 2 hour run home.
Next meet is November 6th for the Guy Fawkes run, starts at the Corn Dolly in South Molton, don't miss this our last run of the year, ( where has the year gone eh! ), it's only a half day so see you there.