Monday, 10 June 2013

Ron Ley run 2013

Bikes arrive at Quince

Getting ready
 23 riders turned out for this
June run in fine weather for a
change. This run had been started for some years at J28 of the M5 but numbers had been poor due partly to the miles from home, so I chose the Quince honey farm at
South Molton this year.
Guess the coffee shop is full

Nice day and a good pub lunch
It was good to see 2 visitors from Cornwall join us, they had an early start and so tucked into breakfast before we set off. Chris and Mike kindly agreed to be back marshals and after a briefing, we were off. The route took us back through South Molton and then at Bish Mill we veered off on the road towards Rackenford, here the T21 of Cyrils decided it had done enough for the day and gave up!. The run turned off towards Knowstone, and East Anstey before coming out at Exbridge. Here we turned on to the main road for a short while before turning off just after Bury to climb up for some great views to cross the spine and dropping down to Timberscombe for lunch. After a great lunch, Rays Ariel had to be persuaded to start again, ( he has promised to work on it ! ), and the run dropped down to Wheddon cross, Exford and Withypool before crossing moorland to North Molton, from here I had decided to take some narrow lanes to bring us out on the A399 and thus avoid having to cross the link road, from here it was a simple run back to Quince. There was some late arriving back as someone had left their post at Withypool so Chris had to do a sheepherding role, I must just take this opportunity to ask people again to stay at post until the rear marshals come through. Thanks to Brian for the photos and to other riders who send me photos after runs, and to all who helped on the day to make the run a success.
Don't forget the evening run on the 17th June, meet at the Exeter Inn Chittlehamholt 7PM, see you there folks.