Sunday, 14 May 2023

Exmoor rum 140523


Due to illness, family priorities and holidays, we were just 9 riders that turned up at Quince honey farm in good weather today for the Exmoor run. I had apologised in advance for the poor state of the entry road to Quince, had there been a longer interval between my route check and the run, I may have changed the start venue, however I was able to change the finish location.
Nick and Cliff ‘volunteered’ as back marshals so after a chat by yours truly warning regarding wandering animals on the moor, we set off dead on 11. The route took us back through South Molton before turning off at Bish mill bound for Molland. Once past Molland we rode up on to the lower start of the moor. We passed the memorial stone which would be worth a look on any other occasion then it was on to the famous Marsh bridge over the river Barle.
From here we climbed up on to the moor proper passing Tarr steps turning and other memorials before we turned down to Exford where we followed the road to our lunch stop at the Rest and be Thankful where we were well looked after. Here Andy had to leave us his Triumph was playing up and he had received family news which required his presence. I then led the run up on to over Dunkery before dropping down to Luccombe and Wotton Courtney, it was then on to the A396 at Timberscombe and a turn off to climb and ride over the spine of higher country before dropping down to the valley floor and Exbridge.
After Exbridge it was a steady ride towards Oldways end and Roachill then to finish at the caravan services at Knowstone, here we found that the Ducati had run out or wind ( in the front tyre! ), but then came Nick to the rescue with Chinese air!.

Thanks to Nick and Cliff for back duties and to everyone who performed drop off duties perfectly. Now we have a club night this Thursday and an evening ride next Tuesday to the Mount Pleasant at Nomansland, see you there folks.