Thursday 22 June 2023

Evening meet 210623


11 of us arrived at The Bell Inn at Chittlehampton on Wednesday evening for our June meet, it was a very sunny evening , a big change from earlier in the day when I got absolutely soaked riding back home from the cabin. The rain does seem to have been very localised as Nick had seen no rain all day as was also the case in Exeter.

As usual all manner of issues were discussed in a very busy pub atmosphere where loads of vehicles were vainly looking for a parking place, we were lucky that two outside tables had been procured by our first arrivals where we had sight of the mayhem of vehicles trying to park and pass each other including two vehicles coming into mirror contact quite noisily. These evening meets are always very enjoyable and I would encourage anyone to come out to them, the next one is on July 25th at the Grampus Lee. Now our next ride is from Jonesy’s cafe in Winkleigh for one of Ian’s runs around west Devon.