Friday, 11 November 2011


Twenty-eight riders took advantage of the unexpectedly fine weather to take part in the final run of the year.
Starting at the Corn Dolly in South Molton the run took us through Twitchen and up over Exmoor, passing White Post and crossing Hawkridge and East Anstey Common. Crossing over the Link road via the bridge at Hares Down the road leads past the Log Cabin Cafe and on to Chulmleigh where we had lunch at the Red Lion Hotel.
Whilst we had no mechanical breakdowns we did have a serious system failure. Two men left their posts before the tail end marshals arrived. Both were at vital check points which caused many of the riders to travel miles from the route and arrive at the lunch stop over half an hour late. The culprits then compounded the crime by not telling subseqent markers what they had done. This meant some riders
waiting around for ages. Despite these problems everyone seemed to enjoy the run and the good weather.