Sunday, 18 March 2018

AGM 150318

The Chairman thanked the 3 non committee section members who attended our AGM and the meeting proceeded as per agenda, I am attaching the minutes for record.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Spring run 110318

coffee to start

the bikes are 'loading'

The good Town Arms 

is this 'off road'

Our first run of 2018 was this Sundays 'Spring run', though with the recent snow and cold weather one could be forgiven wondering if turning out for it was a wise thing to do, despite all this, 10 riders did arrive at the Town Arms in South Molton for the run led today by Richard. The start venue had had to be changed at the last minute when Richard found out, on double checking the route, that the Corn Dolly were unable to accommodate us as promised due to Mothering Sunday commitments.
Here Dermot's Ariel was unsure about getting cold and wet so 9 of us were led out, after Ian had agreed to back me up as back marker for the day, in an easterly direction to meet up with the A361 for a short distance before we turned off on the old A361 towards Bampton. At the Black Cat, a turn was made towards Minehead so far as Exebridge when we changed direction to Dulverton. So far some snow was seen remaining on the sides of the road but not affecting us at all, however, on the climb from Dulverton on to the moor, there was much more evidence that the higher ground had indeed suffered more than us, in fact between Withypool and North Molton, some roads off to the side were still completely blocked by snowdrifts and the road we were on in places was partially blocked necessitating our having to pass by on the other side of the road. An additional hazard was the water running off fields and down the road from recent rain and thawing snow. Despite all these hazards we all safely arrived at the honey farm after some 42 miles for a cuppa, I am pleased to say that Dermot came in just after us assuring us that he had chased us around the whole course but despite speeds of 85 mph had not been able to catch us up!, there is no truth in the rumour that he was waiting around the corner of the building all the time to appear just as we arrived back!.
It just remains for me to thank Richard for the route, for Ian agreeing to do back marker duties with me, the Town Arms for agreeing last minute to give us coffee and biscuits at the start and the honey farm for accepting us for lunch when we had to change from the planned visit to the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon Cross when they had a burst pipe problem.
Next run is the April fools run from the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon Cross but in the meantime can I remind you it's the AGM this Thursday.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Change of venue

Richard has informed us that the run on this Sunday will start from the Town Arms and not the Corn Dolly, this change is due to a clash with Mothers day and difficulty opening for us at 10 am, see you there folks!.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Goings on at Allen house

Your Committee has met twice to discuss the forthcoming AGM of the VMCC especially in light of information sent to the sections via , in or case, Chris. As a result of our discussions on the subject, we agreed that Dermot, as our Chairman, should write a letter to our president elect, who is Alastair Alexander, outlining our views on the matters raised. This Dermot did which was met enthusiastically by him and will help in formulating his approach at the said AGM.

To give you all some idea of the initial reason for our discussions, I am including Alastair's circular:
Question from the President-Elect Alastair Alexander

There has been a lot of material and circulars sent out in recent weeks and I would like thank you for your efforts in keeping your members abreast of developments. I am looking forward to working closely with you once I am in the role as your President.

I have a question on which I would greatly appreciate your opinion. You know your members and  as their Secretary  are in a very good position to judge developments and issues. We know that only a small proportion of the membership vote and I am interested to understand  the wider opinion or mood. It is important to me in my new role and acting in the interests of all of our members and especially with a dynamic AGM in prospect.

The AGM will be principally be about the direction the members want the Club to take for the future. There are two quite distinct  choices now available. Option A - to develop the Club by returning to its roots as a member services organisation, or, Option B – to develop by moving  from Allen House to bigger premises and  to trade in selling motorcycles and become a business.

My question is :

What is your opinion of your members’ mood on Options A and B above?
Dermot, on our behalf, has of course elected option A, his letter to Alastair was very powerful, I did say I would try to copy his letter on this blog but as it's rather long I hope you will accept that the spirit of it was very much in support of Alastair and his stance.

Please ring or E mail Dermot if you would like further clarification on the matter, meanwhile we wait to see just what the outcome of the AGM on the 4th March will be.

Now just a reminder that we are nearly there!, our first run of the year is Sunday 11th March starting at the Corn Dolly in South Molton, let's hope there is a weather change before then, also can I ask you to attend our AGM which will be held 15th March at the Town Arms.