Sunday, 27 September 2015

Girder fork run 27th Sept 2015

Some spannering before the start
Readers will be proud of me when they find out that I have been promoted!! from totally incompenent Ariel single starter to competent! so much so that I was called on to start Pete's Ariel when he ran out of puff!. 7 eligeable bikes arrived at Ray's and 2 other members came to see us off, all of us received a welcome cuppa and cake, Ray was called to his Ariel ( my mount for the day ) as it was leaking fuel so off he went for his first spannering of the day. We all set off with Ray in the lead and myself as back marker, ( trying to remember up for first and down to change up! ). We went out of Tivvy through Uplowman and Sampford Peverell, here John who was having a bit of a problem with his HRD, turned for home. We then rode on to the old A38 before turning off to Holywell lake, here Ray realised he had a problem with his rear tyre, it had not pumped up properley on the rim so he was doing as many miles up and down as he was going forward!, nothing could be done at the roadside so off to Milverton and Wiveliscombe where we turned off through Langley. At this point, Ray decided we had not yet had enough excitement for the day so he threw his spanners all over the road!, not to worry, Brian and Pete despatched themselves back down the road and retrieved them, then on to the pub for lunch. After a very good lunch, we were led to Dulverton for an ice cream after which Darryl, Pete and Brian had had enough excitement for the day and headed home, The 3 of us remaining headed for Tivvy where Brian C turned for the big city, altogether a very good day, good company, weather and route, thanks to Ray.Today whilst we were struggling with our girder fork machines, Matt was taking part in the distinguished gentlemans run from Taunton to Tiverton, I will include some photos next post. Next run October 11th from Sainsburys Barnstaple, see you there folks.

all smiles in the sunshine

Oh dear more spannering at lunch

We got here! now for lunch

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Fall run 13th September 2015

A gather round outside the Corn Dolly
The weather forecast was dire earlier on in the week but thankfully on the day the sun shone pretty well all day which helped towards a great day out for the 19 riders who signed on for this Fall run. Keith was the run organiser for the day and after a cuppa at the Corn Dolly and a gather round briefing, he led us on to the link road for a short while then turned off onto the old A361 towards Bampton. We turned off towards East Anstey before heading to Exebridge, at the round house, we were led across the road  and on to Upton before turning back for the run to Wheddon Cross, here we had a great lunch at the Rest and be Thankful. Jack found that he had got overtired and so he left the run at this point and had a rest before making his way home. The afternoon run was back towards Tiverton via the back road to Bampton and the old road from Bampton to Tiverton. On arrival at Keiths a great feast of scones and cakes awaited us all, I have included a photo of the spread so that those of you who did not make it or finished the run early, can drool!.
Thanks to Keith for the lovely run, to Dermot and Ian who carried out back marker duties and of course to Di for the scrumptious food at the finish.
I must say here, apologies to all for the cancelling of the Breakfast run which should have taken place on August 23rd, the decision was taken due to the terrible weather on the day, however Tony had already organised the run and so thanks to him, I understand from Ray that it was a great route so hang on to it Tony we'll use it in the future. Now the next run will be a girder fork run on Sept 27th starting from Rays, then the next full run is on October 11th, the Autumn run from Sainsburys Barnstaple.
Chinwagging outside the pub

Some of the bikes wait in the sun

Lovely grub 

Everyone tucking in

Anyone want another cake?