Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Evening run 22nd June 2015

14 members turned out on what proved to be a wonderful evening to ride a motorcycle, the roads were dry, the temperature was just right for old bikes ( and riders ), and the company and venue excellent. Ray provided the evening entertainment when he pulled his mudguard almost off his Matchless when he used his super strength to put it on to it's stand, however, with much assistance from the gathered supervisors, he was soon rebuilt!. The Exeter Inn did us proud by allowing us to take over the room off the bar which we filled up, ( it could be that they didn't want a bunch of bikers in their bar of course! ). Nice to see our two newest members attending, both having ridden bikes to the venue. After an
Ray spannering

the first supervisors arrive

and yet more come

the venue

a drink at last
hour or so of very serious worldly contemplation, the group departed for the run home, a very enjoyable evening.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Ron Ley run 14th June 2015

Judging by the number of riders who said they enjoyed the run today, I would say it met approval. 20 riders signed up for the run at the Quince honey farm for this years Ron Ley memorial run. Ron was a very early member of the Devon section VMCC and this run has taken place every June for many years. After a cup of coffee and a bun, there came the briefing, we had one member who was on his first run with us, we welcomed Richard who had managed to borrow a mates eligible Honda and was looking forward to see what it was we all turn out for. Today it was my turn to organise and lead the run and so it was that at 1100 we set off through South Molton to head out on the Exeter road for just a mile before turning onto the Twitchen road, this crosses over the link road on a very safe bridge and sets off towards Sandyway. After a few cross roads, we turn onto the road to Withypool, with good dry and often sunny weather, the run through Withypool saw many people sitting at tables waving to us as we went through, ( least I think they were waving! ). The route then was on to Luckwell bridge before a turn to Dunkery beacon and Luccombe. The views over the top today were grand as the North coast came into view before the brake test dropping down to Luccombe, here we turned to Wotton Courtney and finally to our lunch stop at the Lion Inn at Timberscombe. Here we noticed that Keith and Cyril were missing so efforts were made to ring them with no avail, I later learned that Keith's bike had damaged it's clutch cable and Cyril was getting a trailer to fetch him home - tough luck Keith.
The afternoon run was over the top from Timberscombe to join the main road at Bury, ( here I had toyed with the idea of making everybody go through the ford but on the day it seemed better to give this delight a miss ). The route then was to turn off to Exebridge and then a left towards East Anstey, here we had sheep wandering around on the road more than we had seen on the moor!. Another left turn saw us on the Rackenford road before crossing over the link road again this time on a different bridge, the run swept past the cabin where we find ourselves on a Wednesday and finally back to the Quince for tea and coffee through Ash and Bish mills.
Thanks to Mike who books us all in and this month saw to it that we left our E mail addresses as part of our Chairman's plan to improve communication, ( if you would like to be included in the E mail drop, please give your details to a committee member who will pass it on ), also thanks to Ray and Dermott who wilted before my request for back marker duties. Next run is a meet!, at the Exeter Inn Chittlehamholt on June 22nd 7pm, then the girder fork run on June 28th at the Town arms South Molton. Thanks for coming folks today, sorry there are not as many photo's as usual but I had lot's to do today.
Guess where the riders are?.

These riders leave their bikes under cover!.

Still no-one in sight