Saturday, 20 June 2020

A run out

Steve rang to suggest a little ride last Sunday afternoon, at first I wondered how far we could go as the weather forecast was clearly for thunderstorms and heavy rain!, however, after lunch with no sign of rain imminent, we set off. I led through Bolham and the Black cat to turn off towards Minehaed, at the round house, we turned on to the Exebridge road and passed the Anchor Inn looking quite forlorn due to the lockdown, then on to Dulverton. The town was quite quiet unlike a normal Sunday on a decent day at this time of year, but then on through the town to turn off the road just before it rises off the valley floor towards Exmoor. within a few hundred yards, we came across Marsh bridge and pulled in here for a break. Marsh bridge has a very interesting history and is well worth looking up, it was originally built in the 18th century and has undergone many changes over the years, I suppose the biggest change was when its central pillar was removed and a metal bridge was slung over.
After some 20 minutes during which Steve found that we had parked next to people he knew, we set off up past Marsh bridge cottage towards 5 ways but turned back to Molland, then past the Black Cock to take us to the B3227 and home.

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Steves pressie

Steve` informs me that he was given a V twin engine for his recent birthday as a present, after some careful consideration, he wondered just where he could build it and in true motorcyclist fashion he decided the family's dining room table would suit!. The photos he has sent me show the results of his efforts:

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Exmoor meet

Whilst having a casual ride on Tuesday, I rode on to the B3227 and turned off to Molland, once through the village I rode up to five ways and down to lower Willingford bridge where I stopped to admire the scenery. Whilst watching a family having fun with their children in the water, along came a fellow motorcyclist who I recognized as our own Chris on his BMW, we both partook of the coffee we had brought and had a pleasant hours chat in the sunshine. On the way to the moor I passed a group of motorcycles on a trip out and it occurred to me that a couple of club members would be in their right to have a ride out to a spot and sit 2 m apart to pass an hour or so and catch up.
On the way back, my bike started to misfire and Chris' speedo packed up!, ah the trials of classic motorbikes, oh well back to the garage.

lonely at first

then along comes a friend