Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Exmoor meet

Whilst having a casual ride on Tuesday, I rode on to the B3227 and turned off to Molland, once through the village I rode up to five ways and down to lower Willingford bridge where I stopped to admire the scenery. Whilst watching a family having fun with their children in the water, along came a fellow motorcyclist who I recognized as our own Chris on his BMW, we both partook of the coffee we had brought and had a pleasant hours chat in the sunshine. On the way to the moor I passed a group of motorcycles on a trip out and it occurred to me that a couple of club members would be in their right to have a ride out to a spot and sit 2 m apart to pass an hour or so and catch up.
On the way back, my bike started to misfire and Chris' speedo packed up!, ah the trials of classic motorbikes, oh well back to the garage.

lonely at first

then along comes a friend