Monday, 9 April 2012

April fools run

Would very many riders turn up for the April fools run which this year fell on Easter Sunday?, that was the worry for the committee but we need not have been concerned as 25 riders and passenger turned up at the Blackberries in Bampton raring to go on the run, this time organised by Ray with a bit of help from yours truly, thanks go to the staff at Blackberries who opened early to feed us with coffee or tea and cake.
I am always pleased to see people turn up with riders who are not now as mobile as years ago and help them through the run, sometimes starting thie bikes, sometimes stopping off at junctions to help mark the way, it's what the club is all about, as I know that some riders without the help would not come, you know who you are so I'll just say...good for you.
The run set out towards South Molton on the old A361 past the Black Cat with Ray in the lead and Chris and myself Marshaling at the rear, before turning off to cross the Link road on the way to Rackenford, crossing the Link road was carefully carried out by all and the run carried on through Witheridge and Thelbridge towards Chawleigh. This stretch of road is a very pleasant motorcycling route, once through Chawleigh, the route took us to cross the A377 at Eggesford before arriving at Eggesford garden centre for a very nice lunch stop. We had a little light drizzle here for a short while and since the group did not wish to stand about, we restarted just after 13.00, minus a few riders who had to shoot off for family commitments etc:.
The afternoon run took us through a tour of Winkleigh then Wembworthy and on to Iddesleigh and Dolton, during this part of the run we passed Noels pad. On arriving at the main road, a 5 mile run into Torrington followed ending at the common for a nice ice cream, yum yum!.
No breakdowns and junction marking perfect so lets hope the standard set on the first 2 runs of the year continues.
Lets see you all turn out for the relay rally and the scrumpy run next month, Thanks to Ray and the marshals for a very enjoyable run.

Now I had taken a number of pics during the day and reviewed them on the camera when I came home, however, when the SD card was plugged into my computer they dissappeared!!, so if anyone can let me have some I will publish them later, thanks.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012