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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Annual dinner 5th December 2015

Jack takes his seat

Right now, what shall we talk about?

Table 2 gets chatting

Waitress takes orders

Is Ray at the head or bottom of the table

What's Chris conjuring up?

The 2 longest serving cut the cake

Some of the trophy winners

Great venue, good food and excellent company was the order of the day for the Devon sections 2015 annual and anniversary dinner held today the 5th December. Members attending met firstly in the bar, before being called upstairs to the Topaz room in the Tiverton Hotel for the dinner. Dermot announced a quiz which we could have a go at during the meal, there was much head scratching and  groaning when the answers were given after our meal. After the first course, Ray and Tony were called up to cut the anniversary cake as they were the longest serving members present, we have to thank Di for making this very scrumptious cake. After the meal, Dermot gave us an address which touched on the types of motorcycles that would have been available when the section formed against those available today, thanks were also given to the committee members for their work throughout the year and an appeal was made for committee members and officers, also for an increase in monthly meeting attendances. Prizes were given out as follows: Jeans trophy - Tony Petherick, Bridge garage cup - Tony Petherick, Ron Chugg cup - Ray Rowcliffe, VMCC post war cup - Dermot Elworthy and Mike Kidd, Francis Cann cup - Tony Petherick and Brian Cordey, Les Soper Tankard - Ian Bryant. Keith informs me that £65 was collected from the draw, thanks to everyone who brought prizes. Now a few dates for you to put in your diaries, January 3rd is our new years lunch at the Welcome fryer 12 for 12.30 and then our first run of the year will be the Spring run from the Corn Dolly on the 13th March, so now all I have to do is to wish you all a happy Christmas and remind you there are only 3 months to fettle the old thumper before March. ps: Chris says he was pleased at my good behaviour but it was only because my party popper failed to reach him !!.

Thursday, 5 November 2015


I have received two E mails from members which I am reproducing as they were presented, for you all to read; first one from Matt:

Riding with the Devon section for the last few years has been the best of times. Glorious days spent encountering moorland meanders, hedgerow hazards and coastal cruising, all spiced up with great company, tall tales and all the usual banter.

But all good things must come to an end.

As some of you know, I will be shortly moving back up to my old riding territory in the peak district to be nearer the family. All things being well Ashbourne will hear the familiar clatter of Ariel tappets in three weeks time. I have asked Gordon for references which I hope will get me into the North Staffordshire section.

Gentlemen - every mile of every run has been a privilege and a pleasure.

Keep them shiny side up and rubber side down.

And now one from Dermot:

Sehr geerte Herr Blogmeister,

Now I wish it to be known that my mid-life ( and gearbox ) crisis finally is over and my brief embrace of multi-cylinderism, being ascribed as a consequence of this temporary aberration, mercifully a thing of the past. You need make no further reference to this sad episode. Nevertheless, my passage from 108hp Honda to rather less hp from a Douglas Dragonfly with much in between has proved both interesting and enjoyable. I am indebted to Ray Rowcliffe, Cyril Finch and Ian Loram for their generosity and trust in lending me wheels whilst the Ariel has been hors de combat - clearly, the mountains of Cantabria provided several changes too many for the ailing Burman.

But all is will be well very shortly and you can look forward to more spectacular backfires in the coming season.


Sunday, 1 November 2015

Guy Fawkes run 1st Nov 2015

Mike signs us on

we fill up the car park
Sadly this, our Guy Fawkes run, was the last on this years calendar, 16 riders signed on at the 'Blackberries' in Bampton for the run which was mine to organise and lead. I must say that despite the fact that the Blackberries was pretty full up with Bampton festival goers, they were very accommodating with coffee and cakes available for anyone who needed them. This was also, sadly,  Matt's last run with us as he is relocating up North to be nearer his family, ( actually I think he fancies having a go at some Northern tunes on his squeezebox!). After signing on with Mike, and a briefing on the run ahead, I lead the riders out of Bampton and soon turned on the road to Morebath, then it was on to Upton where I turned everyone off towards wimbleball lake, the weather up to now had been dry but foggy and misty, the view at the bridge over the lake was so good with the lake surface just like a mirror, that I paused the ride here for everyone to have a look. When we set off again, I took the run over to drop into Timberscombe, then it was a turn on to the main Minehead road for just a few hundred yards before turning off on to the road through the pretty villages of Wotton Courtney and Luccombe, these places would be much busier in the tourist season so I didn't want to miss the trip off season. After Luccombe and a few miles, a sharp left saw us climb up to the road past Dunkery in sunshine, here I slowed to give everyone a good view. After this, a drop down to the main road and a run to our lunch stop and finish at the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon Cross where we were served with an excellent meal. My thanks to Chris and Mike who agreed to be back markers for the day, it seems from comments at the finish that the riders enjoyed the route and, as there were no incidents of any sort, a good rideout in pleasant company, thanks for coming. Ray was unable to come today as he is currently recovering from an illness which Chris brought riders up to date on at the start, also Keith would have liked to come but was required elsewhere. Now don't forget the annual dinner which is on Saturday 5th December 12 for 12.30, not the 6th as stated in the journal, why not give Keith a ring to book a place, it's always a good event and would round off a good riding season with all your riding pals.
sunny at the lunch stop

a Norton explanation

Grahams' Norton gets it's first run out

Monday, 12 October 2015

Autumn run 11th October 2015

Lining up at the start

Oh dear what about the oil drips!

Is that a Triumph name on Dermots mount!

The bikes cool off at the lunch stop
 HOT PRESS!, Dermot has twice this week been seen riding muti cylinder machines and was heard afterward remarking how smooth they were to ride!, thanks to Ray and to Ian loaning him a bike whilst his Ariel is waving a sick note. Well 15 riders turned out on a bright dry day for Mikes Autumn run which started from Sainsburys at Roundswell. Mike led us out on the dot of 11am, crossing the A39 on to the Torrington road. Pretty soon we turned off passing through Atherington, High Bickington, Dolton and Iddesleigh before turning right at Exbourne. The trail then led us through Jacobstowe, Hatherleigh and Holsworthy before stopping at Red post for an excellent lunch. After lunch, the route took us through Bradworthy on the way to Torrington common for an ice cream. Many thanks to Mike for a great ride, I heard quite a few riders telling him that they had enjoyed the run, thanks to Chris who agreed to don the other rear marshals vest at the back with me and finally to all who manned their turning points so that there were no stra

Wow didn't recognise you Matt
ys. Now the next run will be a half day ride starting at the Blackberries in Bampton on November 1st, the Guy Fawkes run, please be aware that this is the last day of the Bampton folk festival so there may be some impromptu players at the venue before we start off. I have included a few pictures which Matt has sent me of his participation in the Distinguished Gentlemans run which took place on the same day as our Girder fork run September 27th, this run is in aid of Prostrate research, it started in Taunton and finished at the Tiverton canal basin.

Ian shows Dermot where the other cylinder is

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Outside the house

The escort is ready

Doreen was pleased with the hearse

We parked on the road

Doreen rides with Cyril the last few yards
Today was the day of the last ride for one of our own. 15 to 20 riders formed up at Cyrils to escort him on his final journey. The weather was perfect and there were no breakdowns or problems on the way, a further 12 riders joined us at the RD&E on the way making a total of some 30 bikes arriving at the crematorium. Keith spoke of his friendship during many years of scouting and motorcycling after Cyrils Grandaughter had spoken of her affection for him. After the service, we were all invited to meet at the Redwoods Inn Uplowman and this a number of us did to support the family, Steve offered to lead us through the Exeter traffic which was a change for him as he is usually bringing up the rear. Thanks to all who came, it meant a lot to Cyrils family.

Sunday, 4 October 2015


The time has sadly come to post the details of Cyrils funeral for you all. Cyrils funeral will be this Thursday October 8th at 1130 in the Exeter Crematorium, it will be a motorcycle funeral and the family have asked for his riding colleagues to follow the hearse from Tiverton to Exeter, to this end, I would ask you to meet at Rays on Thursday morning at 1015 where, once assembled, we will ride up to Cyrils house to meet with the family for the trip in. The family have asked that people don't wear black, rather something bright and cheerful, so under your riding gear please dress as asked. For those that stay for the service, there will be a retiring collection for the Air ambulance and the Penrose intensive care unit at Derriford. Please come and support Cyril on this his final journey, hope to see you there.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Girder fork run 27th Sept 2015

Some spannering before the start
Readers will be proud of me when they find out that I have been promoted!! from totally incompenent Ariel single starter to competent! so much so that I was called on to start Pete's Ariel when he ran out of puff!. 7 eligeable bikes arrived at Ray's and 2 other members came to see us off, all of us received a welcome cuppa and cake, Ray was called to his Ariel ( my mount for the day ) as it was leaking fuel so off he went for his first spannering of the day. We all set off with Ray in the lead and myself as back marker, ( trying to remember up for first and down to change up! ). We went out of Tivvy through Uplowman and Sampford Peverell, here John who was having a bit of a problem with his HRD, turned for home. We then rode on to the old A38 before turning off to Holywell lake, here Ray realised he had a problem with his rear tyre, it had not pumped up properley on the rim so he was doing as many miles up and down as he was going forward!, nothing could be done at the roadside so off to Milverton and Wiveliscombe where we turned off through Langley. At this point, Ray decided we had not yet had enough excitement for the day so he threw his spanners all over the road!, not to worry, Brian and Pete despatched themselves back down the road and retrieved them, then on to the pub for lunch. After a very good lunch, we were led to Dulverton for an ice cream after which Darryl, Pete and Brian had had enough excitement for the day and headed home, The 3 of us remaining headed for Tivvy where Brian C turned for the big city, altogether a very good day, good company, weather and route, thanks to Ray.Today whilst we were struggling with our girder fork machines, Matt was taking part in the distinguished gentlemans run from Taunton to Tiverton, I will include some photos next post. Next run October 11th from Sainsburys Barnstaple, see you there folks.

all smiles in the sunshine

Oh dear more spannering at lunch

We got here! now for lunch

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Fall run 13th September 2015

A gather round outside the Corn Dolly
The weather forecast was dire earlier on in the week but thankfully on the day the sun shone pretty well all day which helped towards a great day out for the 19 riders who signed on for this Fall run. Keith was the run organiser for the day and after a cuppa at the Corn Dolly and a gather round briefing, he led us on to the link road for a short while then turned off onto the old A361 towards Bampton. We turned off towards East Anstey before heading to Exebridge, at the round house, we were led across the road  and on to Upton before turning back for the run to Wheddon Cross, here we had a great lunch at the Rest and be Thankful. Jack found that he had got overtired and so he left the run at this point and had a rest before making his way home. The afternoon run was back towards Tiverton via the back road to Bampton and the old road from Bampton to Tiverton. On arrival at Keiths a great feast of scones and cakes awaited us all, I have included a photo of the spread so that those of you who did not make it or finished the run early, can drool!.
Thanks to Keith for the lovely run, to Dermot and Ian who carried out back marker duties and of course to Di for the scrumptious food at the finish.
I must say here, apologies to all for the cancelling of the Breakfast run which should have taken place on August 23rd, the decision was taken due to the terrible weather on the day, however Tony had already organised the run and so thanks to him, I understand from Ray that it was a great route so hang on to it Tony we'll use it in the future. Now the next run will be a girder fork run on Sept 27th starting from Rays, then the next full run is on October 11th, the Autumn run from Sainsburys Barnstaple.
Chinwagging outside the pub

Some of the bikes wait in the sun

Lovely grub 

Everyone tucking in

Anyone want another cake?

Friday, 21 August 2015

Evening run 17 August 2015

We take over the outside tables

Bill joins us

Dry evening and good company
A dozen section members wound their way to The Mitre at Witheridge for this the last of our evening runs this year, it was a dry evening and so a pleasant run both ways with good socialising during the visit. Thanks everyone for coming, see you on Sunday at Hatherleigh where we hope for equally good weather. I would like to just mention here that a number of our members attended the funeral recently of Les Turner, he was a member of our section for a time and had helped many members with advice and or practical help with their machines, as well as members riding out to Uffculme and following the motorcycle hearse, our Chairman was doing his bit by being in the tower of the Church ringing the bells.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Social run August 9th

Unfortunately I was not free to attend this run but Matt has given me this write up:

Mattie's Summer Ramble
17 riders assembled at the Black Cat to be welcomed by the smell of Fred's tea, coffee and toast. A good selection of machines including 2 early BMW's, 4 Ariels and a couple of  Velos.

With Ian and Dermot donning the back marshal orange vests, we enjoyed a forty mile run on smaller B roads and unclassified roads, seeing us climb out of the Exe valley and down into Luxborough, before working across to Roadwater and then down to Blue Anchor bay. Following the coast through Watchet and Donniford then back inland towards Bicknoller before dropping down into Williton where we were warmly welcomed at the Railway arms. An accident to a rider on the A39, ( not one of ours ), had split the group up but eventually we were tucking into very generous Sunday dinners.
In the afternoon we climbed back off the coast up to Raleighs cross then along the ridge road to Wheddon cross and through Exfordand then to Withypool for tea and ice cream to finish off the day.

Thanks to Matt for the excellent route and to Ian and Dermot for back marker duties, and a big thank you to Fred and family for the refreshments at the start.

Now unfortunately on the way back to Tiverton, Cyril had a nasty spill on a corner, noone else was involved, Steve, Keith, Ray and others were involved in calling the ambulance, directing traffic and reassuring Cyril who was taken by Air ambulance to Exeter before being moved on to Plymouth, He remains under sedation and we all wish him well.

Sorry there are no photo's of the run, Matt did try to send me some but they didn't arrive, don't forget the breakfast run this Sunday 23rd August for a 0930 start at Hatherleigh square.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Fish and chips 5th August 2015

There was a great turnout for this event despite the weather, 23 members and families arrived at the Welcome fryer for a 7pm meal on Wednesday evening. Judging by the constant conversation, much of the worlds woes were put right over an excellent meal. A few of us were keen to ride our bikes but the driving rain and wind would have meant us sitting in wet clothes amongst all the well dressed attendees!. Well done to everyone who turned up and thanks to the Welcome Fryer for the meal, next run is Sunday 9th at the Black cat  1030 for 11, now here are a few photo's of the evening to remind you of the night.
clean tables before the action

The girls bring things to do

The Chairman shows his serious side!

Or is this the serious end of the table!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Evening meet 19th July 2015

The second of our three evening meets this year has come and gone already, it was a meet at the Anchor in Exebridge and despite the weather warnings earlier, turned out fine and dry with some sunshine at the rear garden where we took up a few tables to chat and put the world to rights. Ian came on a 1927 Norton for us to drool over whilst Dermot persuaded a friend to loan him a Vincent to come on as his Ariel is still OOA. Ian's Norton wasn't the only 'oldie' as Ray came on his V engine Matchless which is starting much better since he threw away the 1937 plugs and fitted new!. The remaining bikes were mainly from the 50's and 60's though an 80's Honda was in evidence ridden by Steve who has this now as an eligible ride for club runs. All in all this was another successful turn out and enjoyed by all, I think Chris rode the farthest as he came down from Bideford, thanks for coming everybody, we have one more evening run, this will be on August 17th and will be at the Mitre in Witheridge 7pm. Our next main run is on August 9th at the Black cat usual time of 1030 for 1100, hope you can make it.
Just to prove the sun was out!

Steve has a wishful think?

The bikes wait in the shade for the run home

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Anyone who stayed at home because of the weather, missed a great day out, todays 'deepest Devon run' was Keith's to organise and lead and what a cracker it was, there was a great route, good company and an excellent venue for the lunch break. Course being latterly from the training fraternity, Keith decided we should all practice our riding in the rain skills so he arranged some of it to fall on us most of the morning!, we must have done ok as he switched it off for the afternoon. In his pre run briefing, Keith advised us that the lanes after Down St Mary were a bit windy, what he neglected to tell us was that all the horses with bowel movement problems had used those lanes that very morning!. There were 13 riders who left Bickleigh Mill after a nice cuppa, there would have been more but I understand that 2 riders from the North had to give up with water in the electrics, one apparently a BMW!. Keith decided against leading us past the Castle on the way out as he thought the road to badly silted so we found our way climbing out to Cadeleigh, there are some nice views here but not today. Pennymore, Thelbridge and Black Dog were ridden through, I like these names, they are so Devonshire!, then we went on to Morchard road and Down St Mary and Hatherleigh before arriving at the Bull and Dragon at Meeth, here we were greeted very well and served with an excellent meal. The afternoon run took us over the Umberleigh switch backs before arriving back at the Corn Dolly for a final cuppa and split for the homeward journey. Thanks to Keith for the excellent run, to Mike for his usual signing on duties and to Ray for agreeing to ride back marker with me, now the next run is next Monday evening 20th for a meet at the Anchor in Exebridge, then August 9th at The Black Cat for the Social run, hope you can make it folks.
Keith wondering how many will come

He's smiling they've come!

Hats on, let's go

Do we have to leave the coffee shop?

Well Ian's eager to go