Thursday, 5 November 2015


I have received two E mails from members which I am reproducing as they were presented, for you all to read; first one from Matt:

Riding with the Devon section for the last few years has been the best of times. Glorious days spent encountering moorland meanders, hedgerow hazards and coastal cruising, all spiced up with great company, tall tales and all the usual banter.

But all good things must come to an end.

As some of you know, I will be shortly moving back up to my old riding territory in the peak district to be nearer the family. All things being well Ashbourne will hear the familiar clatter of Ariel tappets in three weeks time. I have asked Gordon for references which I hope will get me into the North Staffordshire section.

Gentlemen - every mile of every run has been a privilege and a pleasure.

Keep them shiny side up and rubber side down.

And now one from Dermot:

Sehr geerte Herr Blogmeister,

Now I wish it to be known that my mid-life ( and gearbox ) crisis finally is over and my brief embrace of multi-cylinderism, being ascribed as a consequence of this temporary aberration, mercifully a thing of the past. You need make no further reference to this sad episode. Nevertheless, my passage from 108hp Honda to rather less hp from a Douglas Dragonfly with much in between has proved both interesting and enjoyable. I am indebted to Ray Rowcliffe, Cyril Finch and Ian Loram for their generosity and trust in lending me wheels whilst the Ariel has been hors de combat - clearly, the mountains of Cantabria provided several changes too many for the ailing Burman.

But all is will be well very shortly and you can look forward to more spectacular backfires in the coming season.