Friday, 3 August 2018

Fish n chips 010818

Another great evening at the welcome fryer in South Molton for this our last fish and chips of 2018, already!. Our numbers were a bit down as we have a few in the Caribbean ! on holiday, ( well perhaps they may wish that ). It means that they missed a partial strip by our esteemed Chairman at the very start of the evening ( ok it was involuntary ), however he would not repeat the performance for the camera, ( spoil sport ).
The conversation was the usual putting the world to rights with the other end of the tables concentrating on Brexit!, how they managed to eat fish and chips whilst on that subject I don't know.
OK now the next turn out for us will be at Atlantic village on the 12th of August where we will be lead by Roy to points yet to be discovered so come along folks.
Too late! floor show over

this is the non 'brexit' discussion group

this is the 'brexit' discussion group