Sunday, 24 April 2016

Fish and Chips April 23rd 2016

Despite two of our keen fish and chip members being away, no:1 at the London Marathon, ( no not running, watching! ), and no:2 driving around York, for this event, some 19 people still turned up for this always enjoyable meet where we were served with the usual excellent fish and chips. The usual put the world right conversations took place as well as people trying to shy away from my camera, ( well I do have to have some pics don't I? ). Our next Fish and Chip meet will be on August 3rd again at 7pm, now don't forget the relay rally this weekend, you will all have had your sign on card so get on the road and enjoy visiting as many checkpoints as you are comfortable with on the day, our two are in Abbotsham and Bickleigh but you may want to consider other checkpoints at Red post, Kitt hill, Lanivet, Paignton or Honiton, see you on the road, oh and if you arrive at one of our checkpoints around lunchtime perhaps you will consider giving Chris or Keith a break for a little whi
now what is Dermot up to!

The whole crowd

Everyone seriously tucking in

Now lets put the world right
le so they can have a meal.

Evening meet April 18th 2016

No photo's for this event I'm afraid folks as I was swanning about in a cruise ship around the Canaries at the time, however, Dermot reports that the Sportsmans Inn on the edge of the south moor, made the riders very welcome. The Inn is full of character, and quite remotely positioned, we have in fact had lunch visits here in the past on our runs, unfortunately due to holidays, sickness ( riders and machines ), and SFS, ( simply forgot syndrum ), there were only half a dozen or so riders attending, he hopes we can do better for our remaining three evening meets which are June 20th at the Exeter Inn Chittlehamholt, July 18th at the Anchor Exebridge and August 22nd at the Mitre Witheridge so put these dates in your diaries now.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Events in May 2016

May this year is going to be a very busy month for our section.
On the 1st we have the Relay Rally with bases at Abbotsham and Bickleigh Mill.
On the 8th we have the Scrumpy Run starting at Ilfracombe.
On Wed the 18th Ray is taking us on his Ramble Run, starting at the Log Cabin, Knowstone.
For Club Night on Thurs. the 19th Ray is giving us a talk on, I think, Vintage Motorcycles of his experience.
Then on Mon. the 23rd there will be a meeting with Somerset section at The Tiverton Canal Centre, at 12.00-12.30 midday. This is for the handing over of the Baton on the 70th Anniversary Baton Relay. The Baton is to be delivered to Cornwall Section for onward travel on Teus. the 24th. On that day a run will start from Morrisons car park in Tiverton at 9.30am to take the Baton to Red Post where we will be met by members of the Cornwall section. Headquarters have supplied a number of tabards, which advertise the event, that will be issued to riders at the start of the run.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

April fools run 10 Apr 2016

Anyone who listened to the weather forecast and decided not to come to this run missed a real treat, the promissed storm never materialised and the rain kept away ( at least all the time I was there! ). 20 riders turned up at Bradworthy square to be signed on with even more members coming to see us off. John gave us all a briefing before the start and Ian and Mike agreed to bring up the rear, Chris appealed for any members who could help at the start of the Scrumpy run to do so as we were a bit short on committee members to organise and supervise the day, he also asked if members staging through Abbotsham on the relay rally could spell him so that he can have a meal as he will be on his own.
The run set off towards Bude then on to Widemouth bay and
Can you hear the coffe being slurped!

the bikes drip oil and wait

Ians Norton has had a drink and ready to go

Blue skies at Crackington Haven

ah a comfort stop!.
Crackington Haven, where we stopped for a comfort break, then on to Boscastle before turning back towards Camelford which we bypassed via Slaughter Bridge. This was all like a step back in time for me as Merv and I had relatives in Camelford and Slaughter Bridge in times past. The ride across a very windy Davidstow airfield brought more memories as my cousin took me, when I was a youngster, in his motorbike and sidecar, possibly my first encounter with such a mode of transport. The route then took us around Launceston via Egloskerry ( an Aunt lived here in my youth ), before stopping at Dingles fairground attraction for lunch, John announced that he would take the remaining riders back to Torrington common should there be enough people interested, I cannot say if this happened as I had to leave the run at this point for the run home. Thanks to John for an excellent day out and to Mike and Ian for bringing up the rear, now don't forget there is an evening meet on April 18th at the Sportsmans Inn, then of course we have the relay rally on the 1st May and the Scrumpy run May 8th so you have a busy few weeks coming up folks!.