Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Evening rideout 16th July

The rain had stopped for this rideout but the roads were still wet, however, Ray, Keith and I set out for the Anchor at Exebridge where we were joined by Matt who was able to walk in as he lives nearby. Keith was taking his recently acquired and recommissioned Triumph T21 and was generally pleased with its performance, I expect we shall see this bike on runs from now on. The landlady came to welcome us and, judging by the standard of food people were eating, runs a good pub. We were also joined by 2 local people who were keen to tell us of their motorcycling histories. The run back was also in the dry and to top it all the roads had dried out even more, lets hope that a ride in August might be in much drier conditions.Next event is a fish and chips evening at South Molton on August 8th followed by a social run from the Black Cat on August 12th, see you there folks.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Exmoor Run Photos.

Here are a few more photos taken on the Exmoor Run. These were taken at Malmsmead.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Murray may have had a bad day
but 21 riders who turned out today for the Exmoor run certainly did not!. We all gathered at the Blackberries in Bampton for a 11.00
start. This was Chris' run so he led
us out on the road towards Dulverton.
From there we headed along the
river and over the moor to
Withypool, this was a diversion as
the heavy rains of yesterday made
the ford dodgey. Next was Exford where a short stop was had, here
Barrys Norton had to be coaxed into life for the second time. more travel on the moor saw us arrive for coffee at Malmesmeade, this all
in good weather so coffee was taken outside in the sunshine.
After coffee we all set off towards Simonsbath along a lovely road,
finally the remainder of the run was taken past the Poltimore arms
and through Gunn and Goodleigh to arrive at Brendas where a
lovely spread of food awaited. It was great to see cousin Merv here

having travelled up from Cornwall
the furthest he has travelled for
some 3 months. After a good
chinwag, everyone went home.
Thanks go again to Brenda and her
helpers, to Chris for the route, to
Matt who sent me some photo's,
Mike and I brought up the rear. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Girder fork run June 24th 2012

June 24th started out a bit damp but brightened as the day wore on for the 6 members who turned out at the Town Arms in South Molton for the girder fork run. Numbers were down due to holidays etc:, but the run set off with Bill leading in his van due to him having a chest cold. Lunch was taken at Chittlehampton in the Bell, where 2 riders had to leave the run, the remaining 4 made it without hitch to D & S supplies at Winkleigh. A good run, we are hoping for more next time
when hopefully holidays will not clash. Thanks to Bill for leading and to Rod and Brian for the photo's.