Saturday, 27 March 2021

Proposed Way Point Rally

 Many of you will have seen the brief article in the VMCC mag that suggested an alternative for the Relay Rally which has had to be cancelled due to the covid restrictions. It has been proposed that each Section nominate three Way Points that can be visited by VMCC members during the period covering June to September. Visits can take place at anytime since the points do not have to be maned. A booklet containing all the Way Points will be issued in due course. Those riders with a competitive nature are asked to take photos as proof of  their visit. After the event photos are submitted the Allen house and a winner declared.

The three Way Points submitted by the Devon Section are :

1   Torrington Common

2   Lynmouth Cliff Railway

3   Dunkery Beacon.

These were chosen because they met the required criteria. e.g  near food and fuel, easy to get to and not in a large town or city.

John Boyd

 Sadly I have to report the death of John Boyd. John joined the Devon Section when it was in its infancy and until recently participated in many of our runs. Johj stopped riding a few years ago after a bad bout of pneumonia.

Thursday, 4 March 2021

When can we ride again?.

 I thought I would just have a catch up on the situation as I understand it today folks. I had been waiting for Boris to announce his way forward at the end of February and had hoped that the spring run could take place in one form or another, but as you will know, that is out of the question as is the run in May, so we are now looking to June to recommence our section runs.

The committee have not produced a calendar for 2021 yet for obvious reasons, but I would like to appeal to section members to work out a route on paper now so that when we can move forward, we would have a few members willing to lead us over the hills and dales.

I have kept in touch with Chris who is doing a great job with the notes etc: and am trying to get around to ringing as many members that I have numbers for, in the mean time keep your bikes fettled, use them to fetch a pint of milk or medicines etc when the weather allows and watch this space when I hope we can have better news.