Sunday, 3 January 2016

Fish and chip meet 3rd Jan 2016

Hungry but smiling in anticipation!

Ah that was good!
Well if the rest of 2016 meets and runs go like the first, a lunch meet at the welcome fryer in South Molton, then we shall have no worries. 24 members and families turned up for this very enjoyable event, once again we were really well looked after with excellent food and service and, judging by the general banter, everyone enjoyed the evening. We learnt a little unfortunate news as it appears that Jack  had an accident in his Range Rover yesterday, however it seems that he is home and we wish him a speedy recovery, everyone present signed a card to cheer him up. Now if anyone doesn't yet have an events sheet for 2016 then contact Chris or simply scroll down to my last entry and copy it off, don't forget the first run which will be the Spring run from the Corn Dolly on March 13th, we have a busy year this year as there will be the relay rally on May 1st and the national baton relay May 23rd and 24th, ( more details for this event will be coming later ), so with just a few weeks left to do the final spannering, ( Dermot do you want to borrow my Triumph! ) I hope to see you all in the sunshine on March 13th.
now what did you do for Christmas?