Friday, 17 December 2021

Club night 161221


Great club night with more mince pies than came so those of us attending were FORCED to eat to many!. 
I supplied a quiz which seemed to be well received with a lot of 'of course' and 'oh yes' . So we come to the end of this years events, many thanks to all who helped to rescue this year in many ways, and to the Town Arms for letting us use the room, the photo shows the Bouquet of flowers being given to our hostess Sue, as I said before, have a great Christmas and see you in 2022 on the road.

Calendar of events 2022


Here is a copy of our calendar for 2022, I hope that all the events will go ahead as planned but do keep an eye as ever on the blog and Facebook page for up to date information. If the print is small for you, just click on the calendar and it will come up larger on your screen.

Your committee and I wish you all a very happy Christmas and new year.