Monday, 9 September 2019

end of summer run 080919

This end of Summer run turned out to have better weather than the Summer run of last month, I can only think that Roy does not have the contacts that Dermot clearly has. 14 riders turned up at Kirsty's kitchen ( no longer owned by Kirsty it appears! ), to park in the centre of North Tawton blocking the streets and parking all over the double yellows hoping the traffic wardens do not rise that early here.
This was Dermot's run to organise and lead with Chris and Ian agreeing to bring up the rear. Dermot warned us of a bad turning in Launceston ( Lanson ), and with that the run set off just 15 minutes later than planned. We were led back to the main road where we followed it into and through Okehampton and Sourton before we ducked under the A30 and took the old road to Lanson via Jethro's palace in Lewdown. weedling our way through the narrow streets of Lanson led us out towards Bude before turning off to Red Post and on to Kilkhampton where we took lunch at the New Inn.
9 riders stayed with Dermot after lunch heading to Bradworthy, once through Bradworthy, we passed Melbury reservoir and Hoopers water, ( nobody wanted any as it was a stretch to the next convenienence ! ), but on to Buckland Brewer and finally to Torrington common for an ice cream.
despite Dermots attempt to get someone to treat him to a pint of Doom Bar and an ice cream, I think he ended up buying his own.
Thanks to Dermot for the route and for testing our turn around in the road skills, and to Chris and Ian for bringing up the rear and to Mike for shaking sign up money from us at the start. Next run will be the Autumn run on 13th October from Sainsburys, Barnstaple, a run which I will miss but Chris has kindly agreed to do a write up so you can all see where you went, I will think of you all whilst cruising down the Rhine just before Brexit! ( there somebody had to mention it ).
the bikes await the warden!

Kirsty's were glad to see us and bikes

the New Inn did us proud

then there was t'other side