Friday, 21 March 2014

A.G.M 20th March 2014

21 members attended the A.G.M. on Thursday 20th March 2014, we were pleased to welcome our Area rep Rodney Hann and his wife Carol. Gordon welcomed everyone and Chris read the minutes of the last A.G.M. There being no matters arising, the meeting moved on to the Chairman's and treasurer's reports before the Chairman stood down and Rodney led the nominations and election for the Chairman for the next year, this turned out to be Gordon who then led the meeting through nominations and elections for the roles of Secretary, Treasurer and members of the Committee. The new Committee are: Chairman - Gordon, Secretary - Chris, Treasurer - Keith, also Ray, Mike, Rod, Cyril and Matt. Under A.O.B. Rod gave us a 'latest' on the situation at Allen house leading up to their A.G.M. then other AOB items touched on safety on club runs and suitability of narrow lanes, gravel and pot holes, the committee will discuss this further at their next meeting. Members were invited to come forward before September this year if they would like to organise a club run so that it can be agreed before the paperwork for next years runs are sent by Chris to Allen house. It just remains for me to thank the members who attended the A.G.M., it's your section so I encourage you to be involved at whatever level you are comfortable with.
Next run starts at Bradworthy square on Sunday April 13th, it's the April fools run so polish the bikes and I'll see you there.

Friday, 14 March 2014


On a gloriously fine day, 36 assorted makes of British and European vintage motorcycles gathered at D&S Supplies of Winkleigh for the Spring Run.A new route of some 60 miles, organised by John Trible and Mike Curtis, took us through some of Devons finest countryside and on some testing road surfaces. Some of the views were outstanding, particularly on the approach to Hatherleigh and those over Dartmoor.
The sight, in villages such as Monkokehampton, Sheepwash, Petrockstowe and Black Torrington.of so many bikes brought some people to their doorsteps to see the machines go by and give us a wave.
The day was not however, perfect for everyone. An incident occurred on Dartmoor when Mike from Cornwall stepped backwards from the roadside into the path of Tony and was knocked to the ground. I am pleased to say that only pride was injured.
Ray meanwhile, suffered a dropped exhaust valve and required the services of the AA breakdown truck to get him home.
Thanks to John and Mike for a fine day out, and to Mike again for the photos.