Friday, 21 December 2018

Club night Dec 2018

Dermot presents flowers to the Town Arms landlady

and thanks her for providing the room for us

Chris has to guard his mince pie

Club night really was our last get together for 2018, it was good to see a reasonable turnout and to see Stan and Rosemary whom have not been able to come recently. Chris had purchased flowers for the landlady which Dermot duly presented. Mince pies and cream were brought up which we all enjoyed. There were 5 draw prizes, including 3 cakes, one of them being a Christmas cake which I won!. So another enjoyable evening for us and we now eat and drink too much until our next meeting which will be fish and chips at the Welcome Fryer on the 6th January, see you there folks, Merry Christmas.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Monday, 10 December 2018

Annual dinner and prize giving 081218

 The Devon section knows the riding season is over for the year when the annual dinner takes place, and this happened on Saturday the 8th December. For the first time, the Jubilee Inn was the venue which is situated on the the old A361 between Bampton and South Molton. The venue was tastefully decorated and everyone seemed to be in good spirits, in fact we found it to be a very enjoyable dinner with the usual good banter around the table. The toy enclosed in my cracker gave much amusement when it was placed into someones hand, dependent on how it reacted and which way it curled, determined whether that person was anything from  passionate to dead!.  Sandy had produced an excellent quiz even though this year Marilyn and I didn't win it, in fact the honours this year went to Chris and Val, ( hope you two haven't finished all those sweets yet ).
Dermot covered this years runs in his speech in detail with just a few of the more 'interesting' points including some of his own!. Dermot also covered the fact that our monthly evening meetings have seen very low attendance, in fact, embarrassingly, only a small number of people attended the talk by Ivan and Sue Godfrey on their trip down the Rhine on 2 wheels despite publicity in this blog and the VMCC mag.
Prizes were given to Mike for most attendance on a pre war machine, to John T for most points on a post war machine and Chris for post war foreign.
All in all a very enjoyable dinner, thanks were given to Chris for his arranging and to Sandy for the quiz, don't forget January 6th for fish and chips at The Welcome fryer, and so from Dermot and the committee , have a great Christmas and fettle the machinery for next years riding.