Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Rays ramble 21st May 2014

Which bike did you bring today?

The bikes assemble but where's Keith?
The day of Rays ramble turned out dry and sunny, 11 riders set off though it would have been more had Keith's T100 not decided to seize up near the cabin which resulted in Cyril and Raymond going back to help, also Stan' had a misfire on his navigation and he arrived too late for the run.
Ray led us through Ash mill, Bish mill and South Molton then across the A361 toward Ilfracombe before turning off across the top of North Molton and over the moor to Withypool. Once through Withy, the route took us over the south part of the moor, passing close to Tarr steps and down to Dulverton. A sharp right just before Exebridge saw us back up to Roachill and back to the cabin, a total of 43 miles and with no mishaps. Many thanks to Ray for a very enjoyable route and commiserations to Keith, Cyril, Raymond and Stan who missed it, next run folks is Sunday June 8th at the Quince honey farm in South Molton, see you there.
How many of these are for the run?

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Club night 15th May 2014

Mays club night was a teaser quiz set by Cyril, it was enjoyed by 11 section members. Cyril had set us the task of identifying which motorcycle or parts manufacturer worked out of a given list of addresses, after much head scratching, Dermot proved to be the most knowledgeable and so took the prize, a cake cooked and supplied by Cyril's wife Doreen. It was very nice to see Stan and Rosemary on the night, Stan has promised to be at Rays ramble next week if all is well.
Don't forget Rays ramble next Wednesday 1030 for a 1100 start from the cabin and our next monthly run will be the Ron Ley run starting at the Quince honey farm on June 8th, this is not an overly long run so come along and join in, see you there.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Scrumpy run 11th May 2014

The girders line up

The teles line up early on

The Mayor deliberates
 The weather for the 2014 Scrumpy run was given out to be heavy showers off and on all day, however, I'm pleased to say that although somewhat blowy on the display site, it was sunny all day with no rain!. 25 bikes attended, we saw some well known faces and a few riders new to the run who told me they had enjoyed it so much they would be back next year. Signing on was effected in the cafĂ© as Chris and Mike were just not adventurous enough to hang on to the tent with one hand whilst signing people on with the other. The wind even made it impossible to put up the red netting around the bikes so rope was used with extra attention from the Marshals. For the first time for 15 years, there were enough people on hand to let Ray and myself do at least some of the run, once down below the hedge line, the wind faded away and it became a very pleasant and enjoyable ride. I was pleased to see that almost everyone stayed for the Mayor to peruse the bikes and she picked Brian Chidgeys WD Velo as her choice for the Ilfracombe shield, the riders picked Tony Pethericks Scott as their choice and the highest combined age went to Norman Devonshire. After the awards, the riders set off to the theatre to grab a well earned cuppa and sandwiches supplied once again by the town council.
My thanks go to the members of the committee and the members who are not on the committee who turned up in good numbers to set up the site, to the Mayor and to the council, ( this was the Mayors last official appointment before handing over to a new Mayor on Monday ) and to the Ilfracombe dogs trust who made our run even more meaningful and added a bit of colour.
Is a single or twin best
 Don't forget Rays ramble Wednesday 21st May meet at the log cabin, and this Thursday evening for Cyrils teaser and natter.
No wonder he's smiling

Norman unloads

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Relay rally 4th May 2014

Guard dog at Bickleigh

A busy Kitt hill

A refreshing cuppa

Jack at Abbotsham

An ex police bike lead all day
my gang at Bickleigh

Merv checks out the riders
Pretty well everybody just loves to be out and about on the relay
rally judging by the number of bikes I saw on my journey today
and the number checking in at our two sites, Bickleigh and
Abbotsham, course the weather helped a lot as it was a grand day,
dry roads, some sunshine, clear views and just the right amount
of cool air. We managed over 160 miles but I was told of a 150cc
Gilera which had covered 250 miles!, a very old Wolf was seen up north and down south, unforunately I don't have a picture of it though I thought I had taken one. I'm told I have to list where we went today as a member of my gang just followed enjoying the view, so our trip started at Tiverton, then
we checked in at Bickleigh to make sure Keith had everything under control, to keep himself in order he brought Di and to keep the visitors in order he brought his dog!.
We then flashed through Exeter before climbing up over Longdown to Moretonhampstead, then it was on to Two bridges and Tavistock to arrive at Kitt hill. Here they were kept very busy with a large number of riders transiting through. Our route then was on to Launceston and up the Bude road as far as Red post, here we had a spot of lunch. After another chinwag with old friends, we took off to the A39 up to give Chris and Mike something to do!. Here I made a terrible mistake!, I promised to stop on the common at Torrington if there was time, course by now we were running a bit late so I sailed past the ice cream van!, will my followers ever forget or forgive me?. After Torrington, I led the gang through Winkleigh, Copplestone and Crediton to drop down once again at Bickleigh so that Brian and Steve could check in here.
Once again I have to say that today was very much enjoyed by all I came across, my thanks go to Chris and Mike who manned Abbotsham and to Keith and Di who manned Bickleigh, also to Cyril who made the signs up, don't forget the Scrumpy run next week, please can committee members, and anyone else who can help, be at the site by 0900 to set up. See you there.