Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Rays ramble 21st May 2014

Which bike did you bring today?

The bikes assemble but where's Keith?
The day of Rays ramble turned out dry and sunny, 11 riders set off though it would have been more had Keith's T100 not decided to seize up near the cabin which resulted in Cyril and Raymond going back to help, also Stan' had a misfire on his navigation and he arrived too late for the run.
Ray led us through Ash mill, Bish mill and South Molton then across the A361 toward Ilfracombe before turning off across the top of North Molton and over the moor to Withypool. Once through Withy, the route took us over the south part of the moor, passing close to Tarr steps and down to Dulverton. A sharp right just before Exebridge saw us back up to Roachill and back to the cabin, a total of 43 miles and with no mishaps. Many thanks to Ray for a very enjoyable route and commiserations to Keith, Cyril, Raymond and Stan who missed it, next run folks is Sunday June 8th at the Quince honey farm in South Molton, see you there.
How many of these are for the run?