Monday, 8 December 2014

Calendar for 2015

Annual dinner 6th December 2014

Ray sporting his new hat

Where's the next course?
 The sections annual dinner was held last Saturday in the Tiverton Hotel, it was a good social occasion with good company, lots of draw prizes and a brain teaser which kept everybody talking and scratching their heads. After the Chairman's report, the trophies were given out by Chris, they were : The Bridge garage cup awarded to Tony Petherick for the riders choice on the Scrumpy run, Tony also picked up the award for most runs on a pre. 45 machine. The award for most runs on a foreign machine went to Ian Bryant, whilst the most runs on a post war machine went to Mike Kidd. The best effort for runs overall was shared between Brian Cordy and Tony, finally the highway code winner this year was Cyril Butt.
Chris saving a seat!

They are all looking at you Tony

camera shy
After the dinner we all repaired to the lounge for coffee, mince pies and mulled wine. I felt that the day was a great success and I thank everyone who came and those who made it all happen, now let me remind you that the next outing for our section will be lunch at the 'Welcome Fryer' in South Molton on Sunday 4th January, please do come along at 12 noon, bring your partner, the restaurant is opening especially for us so we hope to have enough turn up to make it worth their while opening, see you there.
looking across the table for inspiration

Friday, 21 November 2014

Club night November 20th 2014

A very good night once again laid on by Keith and Cyril to test our observation, we have been having these evenings for a few years now and you would have thought we couldn't be caught out but the tricky questions were such that the best score was 20 out of a possible 32!, ah well next time eh, so a big thanks to them both as I know it takes some hours to put the evening together. Now then we still need people to come forward and book for this years annual dinner, it will be held on Saturday the 6th December at the Tiverton Hotel, this event is in the middle of the day so no worries about coming out after dark, come along at 12 noon and have a drink in the bar and a chat before the meal, we have a private room and it's always an enjoyable do, right, now that you are interested, give Chris or Keith a ring and book your seat it only costs £14 per head.
Now another date for your diaries, we will not be running a new years run but will have a new years meet instead, meet at the fish n chips restaurant in South Molton square at 12 noon on the 4th January, they would not normally be open but are opening especially for us, we are hoping for in excess of 15 people to make it worth their while so come and bring the family, a great change form Turkey.
 Lastly a big thank you to people who brought draw prizes last night, we had 6 prizes in all, we would appreciate any draw prizes for the annual dinner on the 6th - thanks, hope to see you there.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Guy Fawkes run November 2nd 2014

A good turnout of 20 plus riders enjoyed coffee and tea cakes at the Corn Dolly in South Molton for this years final run, the weather was a little disappointing following quite a few warm and sunny days but the showers were light and it wasn't too cold. Chris had worked out a run on country lanes but after giving consideration to the weather overnight, he quite rightly changed too a run on better roads. With Ray and myself at the back, we were lead out of South Molton to Umberleigh then Atherington after which we have to travel over two of Devon's answer to Blackpool's switchback ride as the road falls and rises quite spectacularly. The route then was through Torrington and on to the Okehampton road, when at Hatherleigh we turned off to Northlew for dinner and then end of the run, an enjoyable 33 miles or so. Thanks to Chris for the run and to Ray for 'volunteering' to do back Marshal with me, we had a very nice ride back home which I hope you all did, sorry I don't have any photo's today but I was so engrossed in the day that I completely forgot!. Now please contact Chris or Keith to book for the Christmas lunch as soon as possible, cash or cheque with order please so that Chris does not have to go running around on the day, next club night is on November 20th for one of Keith and Cyril's observation evenings, these are always enjoyable so see you there.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Autumn run Oct 12th 2014

Lunchtime at Red post

The bikes have a breather

Mike the run leader getting ready to go
 Another eventful day out for the 21 riders who turned out at Sainsbury's for this years Autumn run, firstly my Triumph again gave me trouble which caused me to run home and swap bikes, then Dermot's gave troubles and he also turned for home, Brian's Triumph wouldn't start so he had to change bikes but all that pales into insignificance when Cyril's Matchless burst into flames on Sainsbury's forecourt which was quickly put out by a member of the supermarket's staff, Cyril escaped with a burnt jacket and singed eyebrows. The run took off in parallel with the A39 through kilkhampton and the edge of Bude before a lovely run along the front at Widemouth bay, then back to our lunch stop at Red post, here we were well looked after which set us up for the run in the afternoon to end at Torrington common for an ice cream finish. Thanks to Mike for the route and to Ian and Keith for watching the rear, though Keith was employed all day on Cyril's fire problem. Cyril recovered to home and is sure that his Matchless will live to fight another day. Sorry this write up is a bit late but I went off on holiday just after the run, don't forget the Guy Fawkes run November 2nd when we will endeavour to give everyone a less eventful trip.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Girder fork run September 28th 2014

The riders arrive

now where's the coffee
A bright sunny morning greeted the 9 riders who turned up at Ray's for the girder fork run, there would have been more but for family commitments. Each rider was served with a coffee by Di and Keith signed them on, there was even a jam donut for all. Nice to see Graham, Rays son riding today on Rays Matchless, he had that morning ridden all the way down from Swindon. After Jack and Rob had fuelled up it was time for the off with Brian C doing tail end Charlie. The route was out of Tiverton on the Witheridge road before turning off to Puddington and Morchard Bishop, a heading to Morchard road, and Bow saw the run arriving at Winkleigh for lunch and the end of the ride. An excellent meal was had at the Kings Arms and here the Landlord chose Johns Rudge to win the best bike, though I imagine this was some job considering the bikes that attended. All in all a good ride with no breakdowns and no straying from the route. Thanks to Ray for the route, to Keith and Di for their help at the start and to Brian C for being tail end Charlie for the day, oh and thanks to Brian, Rod and Keith who kindly sent photo's of the day, I have in fact got quite a few in total, I will put them on a stick and get Keith to put them on the screen at club night . Now whilst I have your attention, I still am holding a high viz jacket from the fall run, it has a round metal tin in the pocket containing a cable inner and fuse, is it yours or do you know who's it is?, see me if you do. Next run is October 12th, the Autumn run starting at Sainsburys Barnstaple see you there folks.

the winner

starting off

Monday, 15 September 2014

Fall run September 14 2014

Now why doesn't my Triumph look and go like Brians

Jacks bike was much admired

What an eventful day!, where do I start?, well there was no run leader a week ago due to a misunderstanding so I agreed to step in to cover, I chose an easy route up to the North coast of Somerset giving some great views of the Bristol channel and Wales and lunch at Timberscombe followed by a run over the top back to the start in Bampton, what could go wrong?. First of all, my Triumph TR6P with newly rebuilt engine ran from Tiverton to Bampton then decided it had had enough and coughed and spluttered to a stop!, some fettling took place and with Keith behind me to make sure I came back again!, I returned home and swapped for the BMW, the TR6 took me all the way to my drive before completely cutting out. A swift return to the Blackberries saw that all the riders were fed and watered and eager to go as soon as Keith had paid for the coffee's, we had a  quick cuppa ourselves and set off after a briefing, now here is a lesson to all we run leaders, a quick glance around the assembled riders had shown me that I knew all but one of them so assumed that the drop off system would be safe after I had ascertained from the 'newcomer' that he was aware of it's operation. We set off through Bampton and turned left on to the Morebath road where a drop off marker was positioned, one rider however did not see him and ploughed on towards Taunton at a good speed causing Keith to go chasing after him on full throttle catching him up quite a few miles down the road before he could turn him around. All this led them to be late arriving at the turning  at Ralleighs cross only to find that the marker had moved on so more chasing by Keith was employed  once again to catch them and turn them back. The view from Ralleighs cross onwards should have been very nice but due to the heavy mist, we could unfortunately see little of it. I stopped everyone on the front at Blue Anchor for some sightseeing of the welsh coast, channel and Minehead but once again the mist gave us a very limited picture and it was 20 minutes before the tail enders hove into view, they advised me that there were no markers from Ralleighs cross onward. I had made arrangements with the Lion Inn in Timberscombe in the week for a booking of 12 to 15 riders for lunch, since I was unable to get a signal in Bampton, I took the opportunity to ring them from Blue Anchor where they told me they had no roast today!. We set off again but once again hit trouble when the heavy traffic on the A39 caused the run to spread wide and the arrival at Timberscombe was over a long period. I had been informed that the mill in Timberscombe , run by volunteers, was having one of it's rare open days today so 8 riders went off after their lunch for a look around, Jack realised that he was not that well off for petrol so was dispatched to Wheddon cross to fill up whilst I went for a liedown in a dark room!!. The run set off again at 1410 and we had a relatively easy and faultless run back over the top to Bampton once again for a very welcome cup of tea. Lesson for the day is that the drop off system has to be revisited at the start of every run, and to that end, Mike has volunteered to hit each rider on the head when they sign on to restate the rules.
My thanks to Ray and Keith for the back marker work they had to perform and I am grateful to Matt for the pics, as due to the events of the day, I had forgotten to take any!, now where's that brandy?.
Club night this Thursday folks for competition night, see you there I hope.

A quick look at the mill

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Breakfast run 24th August 2014

I am relying on feedback from Ray and Keith as I was not on this run due to a family reunion. I understand that 12 riders turned up in the square at Hatherleigh for this breakfast run, 5 riders from Tiverton only just making it in time as Keith's Triumph decided on the way that his trousers were a bit dirty so it began to wash them with petrol!, apparently a hole in the downpipe was the culprit and this was soon fixed up. The run set off for Torrington where Ray had arranged a breakfast meal at the Torrington arms, this was seemingly very enjoyable and with full stomachs the run set off for Winkleigh via a choice of routes!!, due to some riders missing an unmarked turn and then losing the new leader, never mind, almost all safely arrived at Winkleigh and the missing rider was located at home. The weather turned out to be very much better than expected and the whole run was accomplished in the dry and all riders were home by mid afternoon. This was the first time we have put on a breakfast run for some time and we would like to know what you think to repeating it. Apparently a Badger accompanied the run but not quite sure how this came about, something to do with Dermot's Matchless?. Next run folks is the Fall run 14th September starting from the Blackberries in Bampton usual time of 1030 for 1100 start.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Club night 21st August 2014

16 members turned up at our ride a bike and natter night last evening, at the beginning of the year we were asked to provide a couple of evenings where their was no organised happenings so that members could just natter and this certainly worked as there was a good level of nattering going on all the evening. There were at least 6 bikes turn up, I presume more would have appeared if the weather had been a bit more promising, as it was the run in was in the dry and so was the run home, there was only a bit of drizzle whilst the evening progressed. Announcements made included the success of the fish n chips and evening meet runs this month, the competition night next month and the breakfast run on Sunday next at 9am starting at Hatherleigh square. I also meant to thank the people who brought draw prizes last night and previous club nights, last evening there were 4 prizes to be drawn - thanks folks. A bit of advanced notice for you all is that the date of the Christmas lunch this year will be the 6th December 12 noon at the Tiverton hotel, cost will be a subsidised rate of £14, that's very good for a full Christmas meal, names and monies together to Chris from now on please.
Our October club night will be a talk from our very own area rep Rodney Hann, Rod supports us very well so mark it in your diary now.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Evening meet 18th August 2014

The early arrivals

Jack's the only one eating!
Sadly, Mondays meet at the Mitre pub in Witheridge was the last of our evening meets this year, it doesn't seem possible that we are at that point already, ah well!, it was a lovely sunny evening and so we commandeered a table outside on the pavement and put the world to rights. 10 VMCC members attended, one chap came all the way from Birmingham!, oh all right he was on holiday in Braunton, he had looked on the VMCC website, saw we had a meet and came to say hello, Matt spent most of the time talking to him as he ( Matt ) had lived in Wolverhampton for 20 years and so could speak the language!. A variety of subjects were dicussed, from tax requirements when travelling abroad to the pain of losing pets at end of life. I think that Mike travelled the farthest and Bill the shortest as he lives just 100 yards along the road. I really enjoyed the run home, we don't often have to run on headlights in the fading light these days, it's OK if you remember to take off the sunglasses before you set off. Next run is on Sunday 24th, meet Ray at Hatherleigh square at 9am, oh and it's club night this Thursday at 8 pm, ride a bike as I have ordered good weather, see you then.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Black Cat 10th August 2014

Is it going to rain?

No the sun has come out
'Possibly due to the threats from the tail end of Hurricane Bertha (I'm sure I went out with her in the '70's) a small, but perfectly formed, contingent met up at The Black Cat. I'd planned a route through some of the Devon lanes in the area, climbing up out of the valley and then a long stretch of unclassified road from East Knowstone through to North Molton, before climbing up onto Exmoor through to Withypool. Back down through Winsford, skirting Brompton Regis, and then into Exebridge for a very welcome pint at The Anchor.

A shorter run in the afternoon on the lovely little B road from Exebridge up to Ralegh's Cross, turning off towards Huish Champflower, then down into Wiveliscombe and back to The Black Cat.

Amazingly we stayed dry throughout the 70 miles.

Thank you to Fred for the tea and toast, and to Ray, Cyril, Tony, Dermott, Brian, Mike and  particularly 'Rear Gunner' Ian for turning up. Job's a Gud Un !

 Thanks to Matt for the route and for this write up together with the photo's, next run will be the breakfast run to meet at Hatheleigh square at 9am.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Fish and chips run 060814

So deep in conversation, only a few notice the camera
18 section members and their partners turned up at the welcome fryer this evening to enjoy each others company and eat very good fish and chips. We were as usual well looked after by the staff and the conversation flowed well, various topics were explored, the colour of bathroom suites!, driving a lorry in Scotland in the snow and taking a much needed leak in a field when a hunt arrived being just a few of the items requiring airing and sorting!. Thanks to all who turned out, it really is a good night out for all. Don't forget the run this Sunday, starts at the Black Cat 1030 for 1100, Matt is in charge as I have my Grandsons Christening to attend so I hope you'll come to support Matt and his run, then there is the last evening run of the year which is on Monday the 18th August for 7pm, see you there folks.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fish n' chips Weds Aug 6th

Just a reminder folks that we have a fish n' chips evening at South Molton on Wednesday 6th August at 7pm, come to 'The Welcome Fryer' where we are always well looked after with good food and company, see you there.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Evening meet 21st July 2014

The Tivvy gang arrives

T'other side of the car park
 12 members arrived at the Anchor in Exebridge for our second of three evening meets this year. It was a glorious evening which meant that we were able to take over three tables on the pubs back terrace overlooking the garden and put the world right with highly constructive and enlightening conversation. The mix of bike was very varied, from a BMW K100 strapped to a chair, which made a nice outfit, to Mikes Honda 200 which looked brand new, course I must mention the good old stalwarts with Ray's Matchless, Cyril's twin and Dermot's single in evidence, also Raymond's Honda 250 trail bike providing something different, nice to see you all there chaps, to me this is what it's all about. Last Thursday evening was a highway code quiz set by Ray using my copy of the highway code, unfortunately this did not buy me any favours and so the winner on the night was Cyril - well done to him - a big thank you to Ray for setting the quiz up though when I get my book back I will be looking just where he got some of the questions from!. The next evening meet is 18th August at the Mitre in Witheridge folks, make it a date. I have enclosed a photo which Matt sent me taken on his recent French trip, perhaps we can persuade him to give us a few minutes one club evening telling us some of the highlights
a short walk to the terrace

a pic from Matt's recent French trip

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Exmoor run 13th July 2014

Mike is always there to sign us on

Merv comes to see us off
17 riders turned up at Bickleigh mill to follow the money!, ( actually to follow Keith our treasurer who's run it was today ). The weather was promised dry and sunny, then apart from Ray's Ariel requiring a plug change, we were off on time. There was some concern that we would run into the Air ambulance run of 1,000 plus bikes setting off from Tiverton also at 11am, but in the event our trip through Tivvy occurred without incident.
The bikes are ready to go

A good lunch before the run back
Keith led us through Uplowman before turning off towards Staplecross and Hockworthy, then Venn cross and onto the road to Milverton and Wiveliscombe where we turned off towards my reservoir ( woops I meant Clatworthy reservoir ! ), then through Upton and on to Wimbleball, here a slight problem arose where the site staff insisted each bike displayed a £2 parking ticket, this was not raised when Keith negotiated the mid day stop so the decision was made to run down to the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon cross for lunch, here we were made most welcome with a good area being set aside for us and good food to boot. After the lunch stop, I took over the lead to bring us all back over part of the moor to the Bee sanctuary at South Molton to finish. Many thanks to Keith and Cyril for the route, to Mike for always being on hand to sign us on and to Ian who agreed to bring up the rear with me, also great to see Merv come all the way up to see us at the start and at lunch. See you on Thursday for club night where Ray will test our highway code skills.
It's a good story I'm sure

Monday, 7 July 2014

Exmoor run reminder

 Just a reminder that this Sunday will be the Exmoor run which will start at Bickleigh mill, come and support the section and let our Treasurer lead us through the lanes and byways for another enjoyable day out. I have put up a few photo's sent to me by Matt taken at the recent Exe valley run organised by the Exeter British motorcycle club at which a number of our members attended, thanks Matt, see you on Sunday folks.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Girder fork run June 22nd 2014

Tony gets the hug

Brian's Triumph - triumphs

You can't win them all Rod

Daryl with his Ariel 
Rod has kindly sent me these photo's and some thoughts on the girder fork run last Sunday June 22nd. Due to commitments and double booking, only 4 riders were available on the day for the run, they were Daryl on his hand change Ariel, Brian on his Triumph, Tony on his Scott and Rod on his Vincent HRD. The run set off from the Town Arms for a run of about 40 miles through the lanes of North Devon with good weather, little traffic and no mechanical problems to deal with which made for a lovely ride enjoyed by them all. Lunch was taken at the Bell Chittlehampton where the lovely Lynn picked Tonys Scott as the best bike, ( I'm sure this was a very difficult decision for her ). Many thanks to Rod who organised the run and sent me the pics and thoughts on the day, there will be another girder fork run on the 28th September when it is hoped that a few more bikes will be able to make it.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Evening meet 16th June 2014

A nice sunny and warm evening saw 12 club members arrive at The Exeter Inn Chittlehamholt on Monday evening for the first of our three evening meets planned for this year, 8 of us came from Tiverton, we had a great ride out, though the piece of road from Thelbridge to Chawleigh did rattle Rays teeth a bit as he was riding his Matchless girder fork. The landlord was very kind again this year and supplied us with bowls of chips free of charge!, ( you must come tomorrow evening to our June club night to get the burgers to go with them! ). After a very enjoyable hour or so we set off home a different way, in fact I lead us back to Crediton and over the hills to Bickleigh and home for a smoother ride. The next evening ride is July 21st at The Anchor Exebridge, if it's a nice evening, there is a lovely garden to sit in and chat so come along at 7pm, there is a girder fork run this Sunday June 22nd starting at the Town Arms South Molton, usual time 10.30 for an 11am start, next full run is the Exmoor run starting at Bickleigh Mill on the 13th July, see you there folks.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Ron Ley run 2014

Bikes-coffee-loo-let's go

The Lion Inn - lunch stop
 16 riders turned up at the Quince honey farm for this years Ron Ley run, the weather was better than reported and the road works into South Molton had not yet started, nice to see Bill come to see us off, there was some interest from the visitors present too. I used the same route as last year, so we started off going back through South Molton and turning off towards Rackenford. After a few miles I led past the Wednesday cabin jaunt towards East Anstey and then down to Exebridge. Cyril pulled up to advise me he was heading back to Tivvy as he was on reserve, he almost made it but ran out at Bolham where family came to his rescue with fuel. Our route continued up over the top passing close to Wimbleball reservoir before dropping down into Timberscombe for lunch at the Lion Inn. After lunch, we were joined by Steve and so headed to Wheddon Cross where I turned us on the road towards Simonsbath. At Exford we turned off the road and made for Withypool before rising on to the moor heading now towards North Molton. A turn was taken towards Twitchen and thence back to South Molton, apologies here for the bumpiness of this part of the route which tried anyones rear end who did not have the benefit of teleforks!. We had just a short shower a few minutes after leaving the lunch stop, otherwise a good days riding. Thanks to Chris and Ian for bringing up the rear and to Brian for sending me a few photo's of the start when my camera failed, thanks for coming folks and see you next run which is an evening meet at the Exeter Inn Chittlehamholt 7pm on the 16th June, see you there.
good food, Brians smiling, so let's go

Nice and sunny - 5 mins later it rained!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Rays ramble 21st May 2014

Which bike did you bring today?

The bikes assemble but where's Keith?
The day of Rays ramble turned out dry and sunny, 11 riders set off though it would have been more had Keith's T100 not decided to seize up near the cabin which resulted in Cyril and Raymond going back to help, also Stan' had a misfire on his navigation and he arrived too late for the run.
Ray led us through Ash mill, Bish mill and South Molton then across the A361 toward Ilfracombe before turning off across the top of North Molton and over the moor to Withypool. Once through Withy, the route took us over the south part of the moor, passing close to Tarr steps and down to Dulverton. A sharp right just before Exebridge saw us back up to Roachill and back to the cabin, a total of 43 miles and with no mishaps. Many thanks to Ray for a very enjoyable route and commiserations to Keith, Cyril, Raymond and Stan who missed it, next run folks is Sunday June 8th at the Quince honey farm in South Molton, see you there.
How many of these are for the run?

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Club night 15th May 2014

Mays club night was a teaser quiz set by Cyril, it was enjoyed by 11 section members. Cyril had set us the task of identifying which motorcycle or parts manufacturer worked out of a given list of addresses, after much head scratching, Dermot proved to be the most knowledgeable and so took the prize, a cake cooked and supplied by Cyril's wife Doreen. It was very nice to see Stan and Rosemary on the night, Stan has promised to be at Rays ramble next week if all is well.
Don't forget Rays ramble next Wednesday 1030 for a 1100 start from the cabin and our next monthly run will be the Ron Ley run starting at the Quince honey farm on June 8th, this is not an overly long run so come along and join in, see you there.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Scrumpy run 11th May 2014

The girders line up

The teles line up early on

The Mayor deliberates
 The weather for the 2014 Scrumpy run was given out to be heavy showers off and on all day, however, I'm pleased to say that although somewhat blowy on the display site, it was sunny all day with no rain!. 25 bikes attended, we saw some well known faces and a few riders new to the run who told me they had enjoyed it so much they would be back next year. Signing on was effected in the cafĂ© as Chris and Mike were just not adventurous enough to hang on to the tent with one hand whilst signing people on with the other. The wind even made it impossible to put up the red netting around the bikes so rope was used with extra attention from the Marshals. For the first time for 15 years, there were enough people on hand to let Ray and myself do at least some of the run, once down below the hedge line, the wind faded away and it became a very pleasant and enjoyable ride. I was pleased to see that almost everyone stayed for the Mayor to peruse the bikes and she picked Brian Chidgeys WD Velo as her choice for the Ilfracombe shield, the riders picked Tony Pethericks Scott as their choice and the highest combined age went to Norman Devonshire. After the awards, the riders set off to the theatre to grab a well earned cuppa and sandwiches supplied once again by the town council.
My thanks go to the members of the committee and the members who are not on the committee who turned up in good numbers to set up the site, to the Mayor and to the council, ( this was the Mayors last official appointment before handing over to a new Mayor on Monday ) and to the Ilfracombe dogs trust who made our run even more meaningful and added a bit of colour.
Is a single or twin best
 Don't forget Rays ramble Wednesday 21st May meet at the log cabin, and this Thursday evening for Cyrils teaser and natter.
No wonder he's smiling

Norman unloads