Sunday, 25 September 2016

Girder fork run 25th September 2016

I remember when there were near 20 girder fork bikes on any girder fork only run, but alas for lots of reasons that day has sadly passed so it was that 5 girders turned up at Rays today for his run and one of those was myself who took up Rays kind offer to ride his Ariel 350 for the day. Course when I agreed to take up his offer I did not know that he was going to remove one of the cylinders and put the gearbox in upside down, however, I didn't say anything and by the end of the day I nearly had it right!. On arrival at his house, we were treated to tea or coffee and teacakes all served up by Margaret , ( thank you ), which left Ray free to give us a quick briefing and show me how the missing cylinder machine could be mastered. We were lead out dead on time but after only a few hundred yards, Rays NG decided that being ignored for a couple of months could not be forgiven without protest so it came to a stop, a bit of fettling where Brian found a screw loose!, lead to a restart after which no bike gave any trouble for the rest of the day. Ray lead us out of Tivvy via the annoying double lights obstructions on the way toward Halberton, but we soon turned off to Uplowman where we followed the road straight through the village. Due to the heavy rain which had fallen overnight, the mud and stones on the road led us to wonder if Ray was taking us trialing!. On entering Huntsham, an about turn was on the cards where Ray was checking our ability to turn in a narrow road!, then we were led down an even narrower and muddier lane for him to check our ability to stay in the saddle, but all to soon, he thought we had all passed and he led us through Dulverton and on to Bury, now here we all paused at the ford, would anyone be brave enough to go through?, answer was NO, due to the previous nights heavy rain it was decided to take the stony bridge instead. Soon we were at the Lowtrow Inn where we were well looked after, the meal coming very quickly after ordering and patrons were seen taking photos of our now muddy steeds. The afternoon run saw us head back over the hills to Bampton and then over Bampton down to Tiverton and the end of the run. Many thanks to Ray for the tea and coffee and the route, a very enjoyable day despite the showers which came and went throughout the morning and lunchtime, now the next run for your calendar is the Autumn run starting from Sainsburys Barnstaple on October 9th, see you there folks, now where is the hose pipe and cloth?.
ready for the off at Rays

safely at the lunch stop

who wants some roast?

I get into the photo!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Ians' charity meet 120916

A few of us met at the services on Junction 27 on Monday morning to meet with Ian and his friend on the second stage of their four corners of the UK run, the weather was clear but chilly and after some pleasantries and photos the two set off accompanied by some members of the Norton owners club who would see them safely to Gordano where more NOC members would take over. If you are not following then log on to vicar and undertaker tour on facebook to see where they have been and where they are going next, you will find it very interesting.
A photo shot before the off with Devon VMCC and NOC members

Sunday, 11 September 2016

End of summer run 11th Sept. 2016

14 riders made their way to The Corn Dolly for a nice cuppa before the end of summer run organised and lead today by Keith.The weather on the way to the start was cool but a promise of a dry day was well received. After a briefing, where Keith advised that the route he had planned had had to be changed as safety issues were seen during his fact finding trip, ( Di didn't mind as she had an extra long ride ! ), he lead us out with Ian and myself doing rear marker duties, we were in fact used straight away as 2 riders set off on the wrong turning toward North Molton, they were soon turned around and we resumed the correct route. The run came across a few horse riders on the route and a few of us had to turn around in the road at one point and ride back to a field entrance so that a very large cattle lorry could get by. I did wonder if Keith had forgotten that his deepest Devon run was a few months ago when we came across a 'grass up the middle' bit!, but then he soon made up for it when we were lead on to the main ish road leading from North Molton towards Simonsbath. Just when we thought we had got away with having a dry day so no need to wash the bikes off on return, he goes and leads us through the ford at Winsford!, however all was forgiven as we soon arrived at the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon Cross where we were well fed and watered. Everyone stayed for the afternoon run which was across country to Wiveliscombe and Bampton then out over Bampton down to Tiverton, we were aware there was a very smart MGA following us but this turned out to be Dougs wife enjoying the route and making sure that he and their son were also having a great time. Most riders arrived back at Keith and Di house where the usual magnificent calorie free cakes were laid out for us, so thanks to Keith and Di for the route and the lovely grub at the end and to Ian agreeing to do back marker duties with me, another great day out. Now tomorrow we have Ians charity run second stage starting from junction 27 at 1045 then there is a girder fork run on 25th Sep
The bikes rest at Keiths

still sunny woow!

a good tuck in at lunch

should I have a piece of cake?

sunbathing at the end of the run

a potential new young member?

go on have just one more piece!
tember starting at Rays, next Thursday is competition night for club night.