Sunday, 4 November 2018

Guy Fawkes run 041118

I must confess that the weather forecast in the last few days leading up to this our last run of 2018, did make it look as if the run would be a total washout. In fact, as I set off from Tiverton, there was a persistant drizzle, a foggy mist, wet roads covered in leaves and water running off pretty well every raised field and lane making me question my judgement, ( or sanity ). In fact on arrival at Okehampton station, it was only Dermot, Ian and myself who had filthy bikes as our comrades from the North had run down to the start in the dry.
In the end, it was 12 riders who signed on for the run, amongst those brave enough, was a rider on a honda 90 (86cc ) who managed to keep up well with us so that we all questioned his actual cc.
After a very welcomed cuppa, and a sign on with Mike, it was time for the briefing, here Dermot stepped forward and admitted that for a few reasons he had let Ian take over the organising and leading for today and thanked him for doing so. Ian then warned us about the risk of wet leaves and gave a run down on the route ahead, so with Chris and myself taking the rear marshal slots, we were off on time at 1100.
Our route was out of Okehampton via the little road past the castle giving us all a close view, then on to Sourton taking the road towards Tavistock. After a while, we were lead off to Lydford Gorge and through Lifton, where we turned off to pass the entrance to the fairground museum and over the A30 to pass Roadford reservoir. After some 38 miles, we came to the lunch stop at Brandis Corner where we partook of a very nice carvery. Throughout the morning run there had been no sign of rain but we knew this was on the way so in true Guy Fawkes run tradition, the official run ended there but Ian lead the remainers back to Hatherleigh for some of the North Devon guys to peel off then on to the Okehampton to Bow road where we from Tiverton carried on towards Crediton, by now the rain was steadily falling and the mist we had encountered in the morning came upon us on the last leg over the hills to Tivvy.
After a poor forecast, it turned out to be a very enjoyable run with no misshaps over a great route for which we must thank Ian, thanks also to Mike for his usual stalwart signing on duties, to Chris who on top of everything else he does, took position as rear marshal with me for the day, and to Mike for some of the photo's.
lunch time!.

well we were early!.

train expected
Now, can I urge you to sign up for our annual dinner with Chris if you have not already done so, he must have your names and money by the 11th of this month, also can I urge you please to attend the Town Arms for club night on the 15th November where we shall have a talk by the Godfreys on their trip on two wheels along the Rhine, bring family members, neighbours, people who owe you a favour or money,
The bikes arrive

at Okehampton station

a cuppa to start

a few seconds later!

getting ready for the off

Ian checks in with the pub
and anyone else as it will be very embarrassing if we have a small turn out.