Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Girder fork run June 26th 2016

As I was in North Yorks, Ray has sent me the following write up and Brian the photos for this run:

10 riders assembled at the Town Arms under a cloudy sky and threatening rain, but we still set off, with Ray leading, turning left out of South Molton towards Torrington. After about 4 miles, the road was taken to Chittlehampton then on through the village when a turn was made right to Cobbaton. The road then allowed some great views over Dartmoor as we headed into North Tawton, then the A377 was followed for some 10 miles before a right turn to Atherington. We then turned off this road into the Cranford Inn for an excellent lunch where we were made most welcome by the Landlady and everyone seemed well satisfied. After lunch, we left the pub and made our way to Torrington where most of the North Devon riders left us to make their way home, we then made our way to Winkleigh and on to Morchard Station, here Brian left us to make his way back to Exeter which left just 3 of us to make our way to Witheridge and somewhere along the way we lost Darryl, we went back along the road for about 3 miles and saw him dissappearing in the opposite direction, after trying to catch him for a couple of miles, we gave up after realising he was apparently ok and continued on our original route back home to Tiverton.
A great day out with dry roads all day as the threatening rain did not materialise, I hope that all riders enjoyed their day out and we shall see them all on the next girder run.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Evening run 20th June 2016

I wonder if the people who stayed home to watch the England v Slovakia match thought it was worth missing out on another great evening run to the Exeter Inn in Chittlehamholt where we were well received and even given bowls of free chips at our tables. 10 riders and 2 family members enjoyed the evening where the usual very serious and meaningful conversations took place!. Someone left a yellow sam browne belt at the Inn, which the landlord passed to Roy, so if you were that person please see him for it's return. There is a girder fork run this Sunday starting from the Town Arms in South Molton so if you have such a vehicle and Ray has not yet grabbed you to come, please do so, it's the usual 1030 for an 1100 start. I must mention Keiths excellent photo spotting night at the last club night, it was a very good evening for the members that attended, it really checks your powers of observation, thank you Keith.
where are the riders

Ah, they are inside scoffing chips!

Ah well we have to wait then

Monday, 13 June 2016

Ron Ley run 12th June 2016

15 riders signed on for this run despite the drizzle and forecast for much of the same until at least the afternoon, however, those that did come were set for a good day out if the comments at the end were anything to go by. As well as the riders, there were a few people who turned up to see us set off, and it was nice to see to riders join us from the Dartmoor section and Jack who followed us in his car. Today it was my time to lead on a route which I had picked to give us a taste of narrow and open roads through the countryside and over the moor. We set off on time after a brief from myself and set off on the Torrington road out of South Molton, I turned us off within a couple of miles to ride through Clapworthy, George Nympton, Marionsleigh and Alswear before coming to Rose Ash and the track past our Wednesday venue, The Cabin!. This allowed me to cross the riders over the Link road by bridge and on to Dulverton, there was then the climb up on to the moor passing Tarr steps and it was on this hill that Darryl's bike registered a complaint which took only a few moments to sort out. A drop down off the moor was then the route to Winsford then on to the A396 for the run to the midday stop which was at the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon Cross, I was asked why I had used this venue for lunch as I usually use the Lion Inn at Timberscombe, well unfortunately,it seems, that Inn has closed due to the sad demise of the landlord. Everyone continued on the run for the afternoon which was up to Timberscombe then turn off to the pretty villages of Wooton Courtney and Luccombe before the turn and hill climb to Dunkery beacon, the view here was excellent on the day and well worth slowing down for. It then remained to lead everyone back to Quince Honey farm through Exford and Simonsbath. Thanks to Ray and Keith who kindly agreed to be my back Marshals for the day and to Mike for his sterling work signing us on. Now our next ride out is on the 20th June for an evening ride to the Exeter Inn at Chittlehamholt at 7pm, then a girder fork run from the Town Arms at South Molton on the 26th June so plenty of rides to keep you all riding, please support them folks. Club night is this thursday for Keiths excellent competition night please come and support us.
The female bikes at 'the ladies'!

riders Rest and are Thankful!

you have to park where you can here!