Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas dinner 2013

The sections annual dinner was held at the Tiverton Hotel at lunchtime on Saturday 7th December and was a great success, 37 attended for a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, there was a problem with the 'WEE' balloons as the puff from many of the assembled attendees proved too much for them and so they burst before they could be launched across the room!, perhaps I should say that this was a ploy to try to introduce a little decorum to the proceedings!!.
A very expensive clock was wrapped and placed on each table, then the people at the table were asked to guess the time on the clock, the winner was the person who got nearest to the time indicated when the clock was unwrapped. I was caught out when someone said they had seen identical clocks for sale in the local cheap shop!...ah well times is hard you know.
Mick gave a short speech as he was the elected Chairman for the year but had had to resign following his move to Dartmouth, I then talked a little of the rest of the year.
Matt then moved to give out the trophies for the year they were: Jeans trophy, ( most pre war points ), to Tony Petherick. VMCC post war cup went to Keith Cleeve our treasurer who was home recovering from a knee replacement. Les Soper tankard for a foreign machine was won by our very own Chris Wood on his BMW. The Thelbridge trophy for best girder fork on the autumn run went to Tony Petherick. Reeds motors best tele fork went to Tony Box who was very pleased to receive it and thanked the section with a little speech of his own. Finally, the Woodman family shield highway code was won by Mick Addison.
The December club night went very well with Ray setting us one of his very taxing quiz's which was won by Chris, ( must have learnt a lot whilst fixing his BM ). Mince pies and coffee was enjoyed by all attending, another very good night.
Well readers, here we are on the threshold of another year, the committee are going to run the film ' the worlds fastest Indian' on Januarys club night so do come along, ( no I wont be selling ice creams at half time! ).
Here is the programme for 2014 for anyone who doesn't get out much, next run is Sunday January 5th at the Corn Dolly so come along, Happy New Year to you all.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Matts little trip

Matt at the Ace café
Matt has asked me to publish his write up of a recent trip;
A recent weekend staying with a fellow Ariel owner, gave me a chance to visit the famous Ace Café. Rob went down on his trusty Huntmaster and was good enough to lend me his 500 Indian Bullet.
A pretty miserable Saturday morning grind down the A1 and then past the new Wembley stadium on the North Circular, found us enjoying some rare November sunshine at the famous café. A mug of tea followed by sausage and mash was followed by a more interesting ride home via the old bus station where they filmed 'Summer Holiday' then past the home of George Bernard Shaw where T. E. Lawrence was a frequent guest, we had a look at the garage where he would park his Brough.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Guy Fawkes run 3rd Nov 2013

Ready to go lads

not more coffee!
12 riders turned up in what was promised to be a wet days riding for the  Guy Fawkes run, some had come through rain whilst others had seen none, what was it going to be like on the run?. After some coffee we all set off following Chris who was the run leader for the day, he promised not to take us through to many country lanes as the leaves and rain had made them slippery. The route took us to Umberleigh then over the touch of Alton Towers roller coaster to Torrington, here everybody expected Chris to turn off towards Winkleigh, but he, realising the weather was better than expected, led us for some way on the Okehampton road before turning off to Iddesleigh and Winkleigh then down to our lunch stop at Eggesford where we all had an excellent roast lunch. There were no breakdowns for Mike or myself as rear marshals to see to and the rain was minimal, nice to have first sight of Maurice's Triumph T90, must mention here our treasurer, Keith, who was missing as his knee is now giving him to much concern to be able to ride safely, he is to have a knee replacement shortly.  Thanks to Chris for the route and the back marshals, many have criticised our drop off system, in fact I personally took a lot of flak earlier this year on the subject, but I have to say that it works very well and most of us cannot envisage going back to the previous free for all. Now whilst I have your attention, the Christmas lunch is on Saturday the 7th December not the 14th as stated in the journal, please give your names to Chris so we can have an idea of numbers, it will be midday at the Tiverton Hotel, last year was a cracking event so come along.

handy parking at corn dolly

Time to go home before the rain

Friday, 11 October 2013

Autumn run details

For those of you who have asked me for details of this Sundays run, they are: start at Sainsburys car park Roundswell nr. Barnstaple 10.30 for 11.00, lunch at Brooks garden centre near Stratton, and finish at Bideford quay, come along.

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Rays original idea for this run was that we would would start at Tiverton with a ride on the Tiverton Canal and then go for a run on the bikes.
 That was until we discovered the price of the tickets for the Canal trip.
The next idea was to visit some reservoirs on the run.
 With this in mind Ray and Gordon planned what I am sure would have been a very enjoyable and interesting route which included a trip to the new motor museum at Mortonhampstead. Then as fate would have it Ray had a nasty - are there any other kind- Angina attack and was whisked off to hospital. Gordon meanwhile had gone of to Ireland for a long weekend.
Ray contacted me on the Saturday before the run and asked to take over the route. As I don't know the area well I chose my own route from the map and the Water and Wheels run became the Wheels only run.
The weather was overcast but dry when 15 of us set out from Morrisons car park and up along the road towards Witheridge, taking the left fork before the village we passed through Chawleigh and dropped down to Eggesford staion.
Turning right we rode on to Winkleigh and the down to Motonhapstead for lunch.
After a fine meal we rode up to the Motor Museum for a browse around the various cars and bikes on display there.
On the road again to Postbridge where we passed the Clapper bridge and then turned left through the lanes where we passed another Clapper bridge, to Ponsworthy and on to Widecombe in the Moor.Then an easy ride down through Haytor Vale to the House of Marbles in Bovey Tracey where we enjoyed some refreshments before making our way home.
The weather stayed dry for the run and I am pleased to say that there were no breakdowns or mishaps to any of the bikes or riders.
You will be pleased to hear that after a week in hospital Ray is now home and recovering well.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Some advance info

Here are the details for the run 22nd Sept 2013 which is Ray's water and wheels run as promised. Meet at Morrison's car park Tiverton 1030 for a 1100 start, Ray has yet to finalise the route which I will probably do with him on Monday next but reservoirs will likely be visited, hope you will come in good numbers to support the run.
Here are a few more photo's taken by Merv on my Fall run last Sunday, thanks cous.
The riders gather

Follow me chaps

Smile for the camera

Jack's away

Cyril comes in but where's Brian

The carvery

Tony and Graham set off home

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Fall run 2013

The bikes arrive

Mike sets up his office
 14 riders and 2 well wishers gathered at Bickleigh mill for the Fall run 2013. Mike set up his 'office' under the canopy in sunshine to sign us all on, it's a good job you do Mike. Brian and Cyril agreed to do back marshal duties for me and at 11am sharp we were away after a briefing. I led the troops across Bickleigh bridge and then towards Cadeleigh, there are some wonderful views as we climbed up from the valley floor though I'm not sure how much the riders saw as they were concentrating on the narrowish road ahead. Pennymore and Puddington passed through, then on to Black Dog, ( now where else could you hear names like that? ). Thelbridge was passed on the way to Witheridge then on towards Knowstone and East Anstey where we joined the road ( now in the rain ) to Exebridge and our stop at the Anchor inn. With the sun shining again and a full stomach, I led the run through  Dulverton on the B3223 to climb on to Exmoor through a lovely wooded route, here we slowed a little to take in the great views over this part of the moor. A turn was then made down to Withypool and from there the road to South Molton lead us over another part of the moor before reluctantly turning off towards Twitchen and South Molton arriving at the Quince honey farm for the finish. Nice to see our 2 well wishers ( Merv and Pam) , who travelled up from Cornwall to see us turn out and to grab a picture or two of Deer ( well they don't have them down there ! ). I must also mention Jack who came so far with us and if it weren't for the weather would likely have gone further, Rob, we all appreciate you riding with Jack, good for you. Everyone seemed to enjoy the run, ( least no-one would say otherwise as I look a big guy with all my padding on! ), thanks to the Mill, Anchor and Honey farm. The next run is on the 22nd, I will find more details from Ray when I can get him to speak English again after his French run, and will post it so keep looking .

Maurice is ready to go

at the lunch stop

more bikes at lunch time

They just buzzed in!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Girder fork run Aug 2013

Brian inspects Ray's Matchless

How many more will come?
I may have a certificate coming as today I actually started Ray's Ariel!. 8 other riders saw this happen, we started at Ray's in what was promised to be a warmish dry day, 2 riders had to tour Tiverton to find us but all was well and we were away just after 11am. Ray was leading on his Matchless and Brian agreed to do back marker duty. We were led out of Tiverton on the road to Witheridge but turned off to Thelbridge just before. We turned right in Black Dog to Morchard Bishop then across the A377 headed for Bow. From Bow we passed through Spreyton then on to Whiddon Down and to the lunch stop at Moretonhampstead. After a great lunch during which there was a shower of rain!!, we headed back to the finish in Exeter via Doccombe, Dunsford and Longdown, where a cuppa was enjoyed at the Cowick Barton. Well done to Tony who's Vin was voted for by the pub, also thanks to Ray for a great run and for letting me loose on his Ariel also to Brian at the back, everyone enjoyed the day, no breakdowns just a loose mirror, see you at Bickleigh mill on 8th September for an 11am start.
Our riders are inside eating and we have to carry the extra weight!

Coffee at The Cowick Barton

well wasn't that a good day chaps

Friday, 16 August 2013

Social run Aug 11th 2013

I couldn't attend this event for family reasons but Ray has kindly given me a report and Chris has promised to provide some photo's. About 20 riders turned up for the event at the Black Cat where refreshments were once again very kindly provided by Fred and Ruth before the start. Most unusually for a Triumph!, Keith's refused to start and after much trying, Ray agreed to lead the  run, Cyril agreed to remain behind to see if the bike could be persuaded to burst into life, this apparently did not happen so Cyril had to return with a trailer for a lift home. All went well with the run until on passing the Blue Ball, the next turning showed a blocked road, Ray carried on hoping to make a left and return on route but all roads heading in the direction proved to also be blocked, when the run was obviously going to end in a farm yard, the decision was made to reverse the route to Wellington and take the road to the Monument and get back on course, this worked fine and all riders turned up at the Barley Mow farm shop for an excellent lunch. The run left at 1350 but there was a slip up when some riders set off in the wrong direction, so a wait was put in place at worlds end for a catch up and fuel, no-one seems to have been bothered as it was a fine day and there were no additional hiccups partly because the markers stayed at their posts so well done folks. The run finished back at the Blackberries at about 1600. Keith tells me that he has not yet had time to sort out the Triumph but I will keep you posted, thanks to Ray for stepping in to lead and to Chris and Ian for bringing up the rear. There has been no take up to my request for leading the September run so I will endeavour to work one out, meet up at the Bickleigh mill near Tiverton on 8th September, see you there

Fish and chips evening Aug 7th

The Welcome Fryer lived up to it's name and made 14 of us welcome for this evening meet, 12 came by car but Steve and I turned out on bikes for what turned out to be a lovely evening to ride. The meal was excellent and the service superb, well done to the staff. A good meal was enjoyed and a good evening of socialising for those present, I'm not sure why more don't turn out for this event but we will keep putting it on the calendar. This event was the last official engagement for our Chairman Mick who has had to resign due to moving down south to improve the GPO telegram service in Dartmouth!!, we all hope you find your new home to your liking Mick and hope to see you from time to time.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

evening meet 22nd July 2013

12 riders met at the Anchor in Exebridge and put the world to rights whilst sitting on 3 tables set on the back lawn. There was the usual good humoured banter concentrating on such diverse subjects as Steve's washing up problems, riding on the wrong side of the road, Rays jokes and the usual bike problems. It was interesting to note that the largest number of bikes arriving were Hondas, in fact 550 fours, this is usually Triumphs of late. Whilst 11 riders were correctly dressed in motorcycle gear, John D turned up in shorts!, OK he was riding his push bike!, this prompted Ray to enquire whether he had a license to display knees!. We seven riders from Tiverton had a lovely run to the pub but Chris said that the run from Bideford to Barnstaple was through a sea mist and this may have put off others from coming. The move was made to head for home around 9pm and I must say for us that it was a most enjoyable run back, don't forget the fish and chips evening on Weds August 7th at the Welcome Fryer in South Molton, oh and keep an eye on this blog, I will always try to remind you all of events ahead as there was some discussion that even with Chris' announcements in the mag, Micks announcement at the club nights and the Devon section events calendar, some people are still saying they don't know what is on!.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Club night 18th July

What do the initials AMAC or AMAL stand for?, or how do you stand on the solar system?, these are a few of the questions Ray posed to the 11 members who turned out on a fine riding evening for the July club night. We were split into 3 teams to answer as best we could, it seems Chairman Mick and his team had spent the most time swanning about on the sofa reading knowledgeable books and magazines as they scored the most points!. The assembled members then individually had a go at a highway code quiz to find out who's name was going to appear on the shield this year, I wasn't allowed to take part as Ray had called me down to get his printer fired up and saw the first sheets of questions and answers pop out!!. Once again it was Mick who fought it out with Mike on a tie break and won, ( well he is a retired policeman so he should shouldn't he! ). There was still plenty of light when we all pulled out of the Town Arms car park and headed for home, I must say I really enjoyed the run out and home, 5 of us went down the old A361 , John peeling off to Brushford and Fred to the Black cat, very pleasant. Don't forget there is a run out on Monday evening, meet at the Anchor at Exebridge around 7pm, come on any bike, have a chat over a drink, the weather is going to be fine!, see you there.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Exmoor run July 14th 2013

lonely bikes ready for the riders

a little tinkering
When it's the Chairmans job to organise the run, he uses his high office to ensure good weather!, so 17 riders took the hint and gathered at the Blackberries in Bampton for this years Exmoor run. Free coffee was laid on but also lovely tempting walnut cake and croissants, so some of us forced a mouthful. Chris and myself brought up the rear when Mick lead us out on the start.
The Blackberries

We are all out the back

How about a cuppa

Marshals parking

The route took us back through Bampton to turn onto the Morebath road, then on through Upton before turning off towards Wimbleball and on to Wheddon cross, then it was over Dunkery with some stunning views before dropping down to Horner for a cup of tea and a bite. The afternoon run took us towards Allerford and Bossington before we climbed Porlock hill. After Porlock, Mick took us off the main road to Malmsmead, and Tippacott and on to Simonsbath, here we turned our noses towards South Molton but not before we had ridden through Molland and Ash Mill. The run finished at The Quince honey farm where more tea was drunk. Thanks to Mick for this excellent route, to the back markers and to all on the run who marked the turns well so that we all arrived safely. As someone remarked to me at the finish, what a great day out with very good company a good route and doing what we all like to do....ride our bikes!.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Girder fork run 23rd June 2013

Ray has given me the details of the above run last Sunday. 4 riders took part, Brian on his Triumph, Mike on his 250 Ariel, Barry on the Harley and Ray on his 350 Ariel, Maurice and John turned out to see them off.  There was a little rain at the start but this soon stopped and the remainder of the run was in the dry. The Town arms supplied good coffee and biscuits at the start and at 1115 the run was on. 36 miles were covered on the way to the lunch stop which was at the Torrington Arms, I am told that they supplied an excellent lunch, after the lunch and a chat, the run dispersed at 1345, a good day out for those involved, it is unfortunate that the number of Girders is obviously declining.
Now would anyone like to volunteer to organise the September run?, Keith was down for it but has realised that he will be in France munching croissants so he will do August instead, I know it's normally committee members who organise the runs but it does not have to be, here is your chance to step forward and do that run you have always said should be done!, please let Chris or any committee member know if you would like to, it has to start at the Bickleigh Mill as it is set in the programme, after that you are free to go where you fancy. Next run is July 14th which will be the Exmoor run, meet at the Blackberries Bampton 1030 for 11 as usual, see you all there I hope.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

evening meet 17th June 2013

The Landlord of The Exeter Inn, Chittlehamholt, took such pity on the starving figures of 11 riders who turned up at his pub on Monday evening, that he provided 3 bowls of very nice chips for us to eat free of charge!.  Most of us had already had a main meal so with hand on stomachs graciously declined.... however, just 10 mins later the bowls were empty!. The run to the pub was dry and very enjoyable, there was a short shower whilst we were in the pub, then all was clear for the run home. We 4 from Tiverton came out through Thelbridge, Chawleigh and Chulmleigh and we returned via South Molton and Rackenford, ( least that was the way I went and the others seemed to follow ). Chris announced that he has laid on burgers for the club night on Thursday to go with the chips we had on Monday!, there is just no limit to this man's generosity, so come along and dig in, see you there folks.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Ron Ley run 2013

Bikes arrive at Quince

Getting ready
 23 riders turned out for this
June run in fine weather for a
change. This run had been started for some years at J28 of the M5 but numbers had been poor due partly to the miles from home, so I chose the Quince honey farm at
South Molton this year.
Guess the coffee shop is full

Nice day and a good pub lunch
It was good to see 2 visitors from Cornwall join us, they had an early start and so tucked into breakfast before we set off. Chris and Mike kindly agreed to be back marshals and after a briefing, we were off. The route took us back through South Molton and then at Bish Mill we veered off on the road towards Rackenford, here the T21 of Cyrils decided it had done enough for the day and gave up!. The run turned off towards Knowstone, and East Anstey before coming out at Exbridge. Here we turned on to the main road for a short while before turning off just after Bury to climb up for some great views to cross the spine and dropping down to Timberscombe for lunch. After a great lunch, Rays Ariel had to be persuaded to start again, ( he has promised to work on it ! ), and the run dropped down to Wheddon cross, Exford and Withypool before crossing moorland to North Molton, from here I had decided to take some narrow lanes to bring us out on the A399 and thus avoid having to cross the link road, from here it was a simple run back to Quince. There was some late arriving back as someone had left their post at Withypool so Chris had to do a sheepherding role, I must just take this opportunity to ask people again to stay at post until the rear marshals come through. Thanks to Brian for the photos and to other riders who send me photos after runs, and to all who helped on the day to make the run a success.
Don't forget the evening run on the 17th June, meet at the Exeter Inn Chittlehamholt 7PM, see you there folks.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rays ramble May 22nd 2013

A dozen riders turned out on this mid week Ray's ramble which started out in good weather for a change at the Exeter Inn near Cove. After a nice cuppa, Ray led us through some lovely Devon lanes and minor roads for 42 miles before arriving at the cabin in time for our usual Wednesday meet. We operated the usual marshalling roles and all went well, thanks Ray for the route and for all riders who turned out.

Scrumpy run May 12th 2013

Brian on old faithful
Brian on his lovely Triumph

 The Scrumpy run this year was once again limited by the weather, 32 riders braved all and set off on this prestigious run of the year. Graham had to return on the back of a truck when his primary chain parted and, after an excellent meal at the Blue Ball inn, nearly half the riders decided to go home early
John Morey wins again
Corner coming up chaps
Rodney and Carol sample the Scrumpy
for a warm up and dry out. Ray didn't make it to the start when he suffered a puncture just short of South Molton, despite assistance form Pete and Cyril, it couldn't be repaired so they made for home on pick up. The Mayor apologised for the weather and promised better next year, she selected Lee Plain's bike for her choice, John Moray on his Scott collected oldest bike and rider, Barry Lowe's Harley was the riders choice, and Rodney Hann chose John Boyd's Rudge as guest. An excellent buffet snack was laid on by the council which the few remaining riders tried their best to do justice too. A big thank you to the committee for the route, setting up and marshalling all day, a lot of work goes into making this run happen lets hope next year sends us better weather

Mick speechmaking
The chair takes the turn
If I keep my helmet on, I wont get wet

The early birds parked up