Sunday, 26 May 2013

Scrumpy run May 12th 2013

Brian on old faithful
Brian on his lovely Triumph

 The Scrumpy run this year was once again limited by the weather, 32 riders braved all and set off on this prestigious run of the year. Graham had to return on the back of a truck when his primary chain parted and, after an excellent meal at the Blue Ball inn, nearly half the riders decided to go home early
John Morey wins again
Corner coming up chaps
Rodney and Carol sample the Scrumpy
for a warm up and dry out. Ray didn't make it to the start when he suffered a puncture just short of South Molton, despite assistance form Pete and Cyril, it couldn't be repaired so they made for home on pick up. The Mayor apologised for the weather and promised better next year, she selected Lee Plain's bike for her choice, John Moray on his Scott collected oldest bike and rider, Barry Lowe's Harley was the riders choice, and Rodney Hann chose John Boyd's Rudge as guest. An excellent buffet snack was laid on by the council which the few remaining riders tried their best to do justice too. A big thank you to the committee for the route, setting up and marshalling all day, a lot of work goes into making this run happen lets hope next year sends us better weather

Mick speechmaking
The chair takes the turn
If I keep my helmet on, I wont get wet

The early birds parked up