Monday, 25 March 2019

AGM 210319

Once again there were only 3 non committee members at this years AGM, last years minutes were read and agreed, Dermot gave his address and Richard outlined our current financial position. There being no offers before the AGM to take over as Chairman, Dermot was re-elected to the post. Chris was also re-elected when no one else came forward so was duly re-elected to the post of secretary. Richard advised that he would not be free to continue in the post of treasurer as he was mostly living elsewhere in the country at the moment, no one came forward to fulfill this role so Keith very kindly agreed to step in but for one year only. Mike, our stalwart sign on man, announced vis Chris that he would have to stand down due to his wife's health, it was agreed that signing on would be carried out by the run organiser and the list of people would be kept to work out trophies at the year end, the remainder of the committee were reelected into post.
Some discussions took place regarding the signing on fee but it was decided that the system would remain as is for audit reasons.

Spring run 100319

Unfortunately, due to the weather, this run for me was a washout, I had driven the route with Ray as it was his run and had produced the run sheets etc the Monday before the 10th. I was advised that due to sickness and other commitments, a number of regular riders would not be available and the weather forecast for the day was not at all encouraging as it would be raining and very windy.
I set off from Tivvy at 0950 and elected to ride to South Molton via Rackenford, however, after only a few miles I was abruptly brought to a halt by a large fallen tree which was right across the road so nothing could pass, at this point I noticed a motorcycle in the hedge ahead and a rucksack in the road. I had a quick look around but saw no one around so after a while I turned around and headed back through Tiverton and out on the Bampton road to try to get through that way. The road was so littered with branches and debris that I pulled over and tried to ring Ray, ( who had gone by car ), to see if anyone had made it to South Molton but there was no reply so I set off again. a few miles further on, a huge branch appeared from nowhere in front of me and almost had me off so I tried ringing again, but once again no reply. I assumed that there was a good chance that no one would be at the start so again headed back to Tiverton wondering if the link road might be worth trying, however it was 1045 when I came back through Bolham so realising |I would be very late I went on home with a very dirty bike.
As it was, Ray ( with Margaret driving ), was able to lead 5 riders to Uplowman for lunch at the Redwoods Inn where, after lunch, the run ended. I hope we shall have better weather for the April fools run on April 14th.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Important section news

We are only 2 weeks away from our 2019 AGM and have received some very significant news which if we cannot surmount may make it very difficult for the section to survive, CAN YOU HELP US OUT PLEASE?.
Richard, our treasurer for the past two years, has informed us that due to his supporting family members in another part of the country, he cannot continue in this role from the AGM. In addition, Mike, our signing on stalwart, has reluctantly to withdraw from this role as his wife is very poorly. The role of treasurer is  of course vital  to the continuance of our section so if there is anyone reading this appeal who feels he may be able to fill this role, please let Dermot or Chris know as soon as possible.
In any event, could I ask as many Devon section members as possible to attend the Town Arms South Molton on March 21st for our AGM to show support for the continuance of the section and bring any offers or ideas to help with this big problem, Thank you.