Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fish n' chips Weds Aug 6th

Just a reminder folks that we have a fish n' chips evening at South Molton on Wednesday 6th August at 7pm, come to 'The Welcome Fryer' where we are always well looked after with good food and company, see you there.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Evening meet 21st July 2014

The Tivvy gang arrives

T'other side of the car park
 12 members arrived at the Anchor in Exebridge for our second of three evening meets this year. It was a glorious evening which meant that we were able to take over three tables on the pubs back terrace overlooking the garden and put the world right with highly constructive and enlightening conversation. The mix of bike was very varied, from a BMW K100 strapped to a chair, which made a nice outfit, to Mikes Honda 200 which looked brand new, course I must mention the good old stalwarts with Ray's Matchless, Cyril's twin and Dermot's single in evidence, also Raymond's Honda 250 trail bike providing something different, nice to see you all there chaps, to me this is what it's all about. Last Thursday evening was a highway code quiz set by Ray using my copy of the highway code, unfortunately this did not buy me any favours and so the winner on the night was Cyril - well done to him - a big thank you to Ray for setting the quiz up though when I get my book back I will be looking just where he got some of the questions from!. The next evening meet is 18th August at the Mitre in Witheridge folks, make it a date. I have enclosed a photo which Matt sent me taken on his recent French trip, perhaps we can persuade him to give us a few minutes one club evening telling us some of the highlights
a short walk to the terrace

a pic from Matt's recent French trip

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Exmoor run 13th July 2014

Mike is always there to sign us on

Merv comes to see us off
17 riders turned up at Bickleigh mill to follow the money!, ( actually to follow Keith our treasurer who's run it was today ). The weather was promised dry and sunny, then apart from Ray's Ariel requiring a plug change, we were off on time. There was some concern that we would run into the Air ambulance run of 1,000 plus bikes setting off from Tiverton also at 11am, but in the event our trip through Tivvy occurred without incident.
The bikes are ready to go

A good lunch before the run back
Keith led us through Uplowman before turning off towards Staplecross and Hockworthy, then Venn cross and onto the road to Milverton and Wiveliscombe where we turned off towards my reservoir ( woops I meant Clatworthy reservoir ! ), then through Upton and on to Wimbleball, here a slight problem arose where the site staff insisted each bike displayed a £2 parking ticket, this was not raised when Keith negotiated the mid day stop so the decision was made to run down to the Rest and be Thankful at Wheddon cross for lunch, here we were made most welcome with a good area being set aside for us and good food to boot. After the lunch stop, I took over the lead to bring us all back over part of the moor to the Bee sanctuary at South Molton to finish. Many thanks to Keith and Cyril for the route, to Mike for always being on hand to sign us on and to Ian who agreed to bring up the rear with me, also great to see Merv come all the way up to see us at the start and at lunch. See you on Thursday for club night where Ray will test our highway code skills.
It's a good story I'm sure

Monday, 7 July 2014

Exmoor run reminder

 Just a reminder that this Sunday will be the Exmoor run which will start at Bickleigh mill, come and support the section and let our Treasurer lead us through the lanes and byways for another enjoyable day out. I have put up a few photo's sent to me by Matt taken at the recent Exe valley run organised by the Exeter British motorcycle club at which a number of our members attended, thanks Matt, see you on Sunday folks.