Sunday, 8 September 2013

Fall run 2013

The bikes arrive

Mike sets up his office
 14 riders and 2 well wishers gathered at Bickleigh mill for the Fall run 2013. Mike set up his 'office' under the canopy in sunshine to sign us all on, it's a good job you do Mike. Brian and Cyril agreed to do back marshal duties for me and at 11am sharp we were away after a briefing. I led the troops across Bickleigh bridge and then towards Cadeleigh, there are some wonderful views as we climbed up from the valley floor though I'm not sure how much the riders saw as they were concentrating on the narrowish road ahead. Pennymore and Puddington passed through, then on to Black Dog, ( now where else could you hear names like that? ). Thelbridge was passed on the way to Witheridge then on towards Knowstone and East Anstey where we joined the road ( now in the rain ) to Exebridge and our stop at the Anchor inn. With the sun shining again and a full stomach, I led the run through  Dulverton on the B3223 to climb on to Exmoor through a lovely wooded route, here we slowed a little to take in the great views over this part of the moor. A turn was then made down to Withypool and from there the road to South Molton lead us over another part of the moor before reluctantly turning off towards Twitchen and South Molton arriving at the Quince honey farm for the finish. Nice to see our 2 well wishers ( Merv and Pam) , who travelled up from Cornwall to see us turn out and to grab a picture or two of Deer ( well they don't have them down there ! ). I must also mention Jack who came so far with us and if it weren't for the weather would likely have gone further, Rob, we all appreciate you riding with Jack, good for you. Everyone seemed to enjoy the run, ( least no-one would say otherwise as I look a big guy with all my padding on! ), thanks to the Mill, Anchor and Honey farm. The next run is on the 22nd, I will find more details from Ray when I can get him to speak English again after his French run, and will post it so keep looking .

Maurice is ready to go

at the lunch stop

more bikes at lunch time

They just buzzed in!