Tuesday, 18 June 2013

evening meet 17th June 2013

The Landlord of The Exeter Inn, Chittlehamholt, took such pity on the starving figures of 11 riders who turned up at his pub on Monday evening, that he provided 3 bowls of very nice chips for us to eat free of charge!.  Most of us had already had a main meal so with hand on stomachs graciously declined.... however, just 10 mins later the bowls were empty!. The run to the pub was dry and very enjoyable, there was a short shower whilst we were in the pub, then all was clear for the run home. We 4 from Tiverton came out through Thelbridge, Chawleigh and Chulmleigh and we returned via South Molton and Rackenford, ( least that was the way I went and the others seemed to follow ). Chris announced that he has laid on burgers for the club night on Thursday to go with the chips we had on Monday!, there is just no limit to this man's generosity, so come along and dig in, see you there folks.