Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Evening meet 18th August 2014

The early arrivals

Jack's the only one eating!
Sadly, Mondays meet at the Mitre pub in Witheridge was the last of our evening meets this year, it doesn't seem possible that we are at that point already, ah well!, it was a lovely sunny evening and so we commandeered a table outside on the pavement and put the world to rights. 10 VMCC members attended, one chap came all the way from Birmingham!, oh all right he was on holiday in Braunton, he had looked on the VMCC website, saw we had a meet and came to say hello, Matt spent most of the time talking to him as he ( Matt ) had lived in Wolverhampton for 20 years and so could speak the language!. A variety of subjects were dicussed, from tax requirements when travelling abroad to the pain of losing pets at end of life. I think that Mike travelled the farthest and Bill the shortest as he lives just 100 yards along the road. I really enjoyed the run home, we don't often have to run on headlights in the fading light these days, it's OK if you remember to take off the sunglasses before you set off. Next run is on Sunday 24th, meet Ray at Hatherleigh square at 9am, oh and it's club night this Thursday at 8 pm, ride a bike as I have ordered good weather, see you then.