Sunday, 24 April 2016

Fish and Chips April 23rd 2016

Despite two of our keen fish and chip members being away, no:1 at the London Marathon, ( no not running, watching! ), and no:2 driving around York, for this event, some 19 people still turned up for this always enjoyable meet where we were served with the usual excellent fish and chips. The usual put the world right conversations took place as well as people trying to shy away from my camera, ( well I do have to have some pics don't I? ). Our next Fish and Chip meet will be on August 3rd again at 7pm, now don't forget the relay rally this weekend, you will all have had your sign on card so get on the road and enjoy visiting as many checkpoints as you are comfortable with on the day, our two are in Abbotsham and Bickleigh but you may want to consider other checkpoints at Red post, Kitt hill, Lanivet, Paignton or Honiton, see you on the road, oh and if you arrive at one of our checkpoints around lunchtime perhaps you will consider giving Chris or Keith a break for a little whi
now what is Dermot up to!

The whole crowd

Everyone seriously tucking in

Now lets put the world right
le so they can have a meal.