Monday, 17 August 2015

Social run August 9th

Unfortunately I was not free to attend this run but Matt has given me this write up:

Mattie's Summer Ramble
17 riders assembled at the Black Cat to be welcomed by the smell of Fred's tea, coffee and toast. A good selection of machines including 2 early BMW's, 4 Ariels and a couple of  Velos.

With Ian and Dermot donning the back marshal orange vests, we enjoyed a forty mile run on smaller B roads and unclassified roads, seeing us climb out of the Exe valley and down into Luxborough, before working across to Roadwater and then down to Blue Anchor bay. Following the coast through Watchet and Donniford then back inland towards Bicknoller before dropping down into Williton where we were warmly welcomed at the Railway arms. An accident to a rider on the A39, ( not one of ours ), had split the group up but eventually we were tucking into very generous Sunday dinners.
In the afternoon we climbed back off the coast up to Raleighs cross then along the ridge road to Wheddon cross and through Exfordand then to Withypool for tea and ice cream to finish off the day.

Thanks to Matt for the excellent route and to Ian and Dermot for back marker duties, and a big thank you to Fred and family for the refreshments at the start.

Now unfortunately on the way back to Tiverton, Cyril had a nasty spill on a corner, noone else was involved, Steve, Keith, Ray and others were involved in calling the ambulance, directing traffic and reassuring Cyril who was taken by Air ambulance to Exeter before being moved on to Plymouth, He remains under sedation and we all wish him well.

Sorry there are no photo's of the run, Matt did try to send me some but they didn't arrive, don't forget the breakfast run this Sunday 23rd August for a 0930 start at Hatherleigh square.