Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Evening meet Silverton July 27th

9 bikes made the trip to the Three Tuns pub at Silverton on a cloudy evening for a meet. We were pleased to see 2 riders who we had not met before, one was a vmcc member from Seaton and the other from Silverton itself. The bikes attracted quite a bit of interest in the car park outside. 4 of the bikes came from Tiverton and all rode out together, the beauty of these evenings are that we get a ride from our respective homes, some on our own, and some with friends, to chose our own way to the meet and a different route if you want to on the way back. The next evening run out this year will be on the 24th August and will be at the Angel, Witheridge, I would urge anyone to join in to make these run outs a success and give yourselves a good run into the bargain, very often, our old bikes quite like the cooler air that prevails at this time of the day and go just that little bit better.