Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Girder fork run 30th August 2009

Pictures show Bill in the lead, Tony flashing off his Vin, the Harley and me coming to grips with a single!, as well as a line up at the start.

A very good show of 14 riders lined up in light drizzle at the start of the 2009 girder fork run at Witheridge on Sunday 30th August, unfortunately, Den's little James was on show only having decided to throw a bit of clutch trouble just before the start. 13 bikes then left to follow Bill with Ray and Brian bringing up the rear. The mornings route took us to Nomansland before heading off the main road towards Witheridge moor. A good variation of roads took us to South Molton and then on to Filleigh and finally to Chittlehampton for our lunch stop. We were made very welcome at the pub and the usual excellent meal was served though the helpings of chips proved more that some could manage, so others had to help out!. A few bikes had developed problems in the morning and at the lunch stop, Rays Ariel that I was riding was having a fling out the oil day and his NG Ariel lost its front brake screw and developed a slow puncture in the rear tyre. John Crispins Rudge lost oil somewhere on route and Tony had clutch troubles. There were one or two other reasons such that only 5 bikes restarted from Chittlehampton, I don't think I can remember such a large bail out half way round before. The afternoon run was uneventful and the 5 riders finished successfully at Winkleigh. It was interesting to note the initial line up for the day had such a range of engines from Dens little James right up to Rods 1000cc Vin, nice to know we can still field 14 girders in the section, it was also nice to see a Harley of 750cc on the run, the rider tells me that it was originally a military bike, following him was like watching an organist in full flow as it had a foot clutch and hand gear change!. Thanks must go to Bill and Brian for the route which had a bit of everything, it was just unfortunate that so many bikes had problems this year , though nothing major, even Bills trusty Norton played up at Winkleigh and required a plug from Brian to get started again. My thanks to Ray for letting me ride his Ariel even though I spent all day looking for that extra cylinder and waiting for an 'expert' to start it!.